Features of the New Zealand - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of New Zealand

Features of New Zealand

Suffice it to most of the world's populationHe plunged into the depths of the world wide web and would prefer to travel on a virtual country. But there are still courageous tourists climb into the most remote corners, opening up new worlds and peoples, including very exotic. For example, the national peculiarities of New Zealand surprised by all, without exception, even very experienced and had seen a lot of travelers.

Life kiwi

Once upon a time the local population has imposedchilling horror to all visiting guests, first of all, its horrifying war paint and tattoos, and secondly, the legends of their bloodlust and brutality against those they considered enemies. Since then, the situation has changed for the better. The islands found shelter people from different continents. Thus was formed a wonderful blend of tradition and rules, which became known as kiwi, and many locals can be called a kiwi, without fear of offending. Moreover, the kiwi has several meanings in the islands, so called:

  • fruit, having a hairy green skin;
  • symbol of New Zealand - a bird that lives only here and did not know how to fly.

According to local residents, the kiwi - is open to the world, friendliness towards each other and visitors.

New Zealand rattle

This child's toy can not be ignored, itIt attracts the attention of every tourist entering the islands. Firstly, it has a flashy red and yellow, and secondly, it produces a characteristic noise when shaken.

Rattle has the name Buzzy Bee and delivered to each resident of the small New Zealand. For a generation of islanders can boast that grew together with the national rattle.

Most New Zealand souvenir

Each guest of New Zealand honors dutytake away home national souvenirs. The most popular material for them - a shell. Representatives of Maori tribes have long used them in its national economy in a certain period, even using instead of money. Who is the master thread make amazing crafts, ornaments, figurines and boxes of these gifts of the sea.

The national drink

In New Zealand, there is a well-likeddrink - L & P, which consists of the usual lemon juice, citrus pulp and mineral water of local origin. The recipe was invented in Paeroa town of more than a hundred years ago, and competition could not make even popular in the world of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


  • Features of New Zealand
  • Features of New Zealand
  • Features of New Zealand

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