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Railway New Zealand

Railway New Zealand

Railroads of New Zealand is not very developedOK. Most popular they lose bus service. The country is only eight lines. The total length of the railway network is 3898 km. In New Zealand, train provides a comfortable environment for passengers. This modern compositions that are most suited to long-distance travel. Train tickets are often cheaper than bus tickets.

The development of the railway

New Zealand - the only stateOceania, which has a railway system. The country has a small number of lines, and each of them is one passenger train a day. Much more intense loads occur. Railway freight is based on the scope, including the transported material is dominated by bulk cargoes.

The train ride - it is an opportunity to seescenic areas. All passenger trains are only comfortable cars I class. They do not have sleeping cars, but there are buffets. Passenger traffic limited to a small number of routes, which reduces their popularity among local residents. In the cities of Auckland and Wellington have urban railway system. In New Zealand there was rail service in 1863. Currently, the country's railways are owned by KiwiRail Holdings Limited (KiwiRail). The head office of this organization is located in Wellington (capital of New Zealand).

The main railway routes

To travel between the main townpoints, it is recommended to use the railway services. On the train ride to popular attractions. Tourists are offered special routes that allow you to see the best of New Zealand scenery. These include TranzScenic line, TranzCoastal et al. Railroads include 175 bridges and 22 tunnels. In some areas, there are no railroad tracks, forcing people to travel by cars, buses and airplanes. Limited network - a significant minus the railway system of the country.

The most popular section of road is betweenWellington and Auckland. Travel w / w composition moves between Rotorua and Auckland. It is equipped with panoramic windows, comfortable seats and air-conditioning systems. North and South Islands are linked ferry. In this passage on the ferry is included in the price w / e ticket. View routes and fares, please visit the New Zealand railway operator - kiwirail.co.nz.


  • Railway New Zealand
  • Railway New Zealand

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