New Zealand's population. The population of New Zealand features, density, composition

New Zealand Population

New Zealand Population

New Zealand has a population of more than 4.5 million people.

National composition:

  • New Zealanders (anglonovozelandtsy);
  • other peoples (Maori, Polynesian, Scottish, Irish, Chinese, Indians, Dutch).

In the 1st is home to 11 people, but the most populated coastal plains and hilly areas, and sparsely populated mountain areas are in New Zealand. More than half of local residents (69%) inhabits the North (population density - 20 people per 1 sq km), while the rest (31%) - South Island (population density - less than 6 people per 1 square kilometer).

Official languages ​​- English and Maori.

Big cities: Wellington, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Lower Hutt.

New Zealand residents are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist.

life expectancy

On average, New Zealand inhabitants live up to 80 years (men tend to live less than women in 4 years).

State health care spends more than $ 3,500 per year for 1 person.

High levels of expectancylife due to the fact that New Zealand was able to improve the conditions of life, thanks to measures taken to improve public health and medical progress.

As for the residents, among them markedlyIt reduced the number of smokers, which has a beneficial effect on overall health. But the rate of obesity among adults is quite high - 27%.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of New Zealand

New Zealanders - friendly and welcoming people they are greeted on the street, even with strangers, and tourist questions are answered in detail and, if necessary, is carried out to the right place.

New Zealanders are fond of horse riding, athletics, water sports (swimming, sailing, rowing).

The most important thing for a New Zealander - a family (of which are ready to talk endlessly), so to marry, they are taken very seriously: they believe that marriage should be 1 time for life.

New Zealand is attractive for its weddingtraditions: the wedding ceremony is accompanied by not only the exchange of rings, but also the ancient rite - the couple decided to put on the neck "infinite" loop, which is a symbol - an eternal bond between two people in love.

Going to New Zealand?

  • sorite not on the streets, especially in parks and on sidewalks;
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol in public places;
  • spirits, you can buy only in specialized stores (in some restaurants you can come with your alcohol - it tells BYO sign);
  • before you take a picture of something in the local churches and museums, it is advisable to ask permission.


  • New Zealand Population

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