Tradition of New Zealand - customs, photos

Tradition of New Zealand

Tradition of New Zealand

This country - a tasty morsel for the discerningTravelers who have already seen a lot in its tourist century. It is not so easy to get, because the flight is not only long but also extremely cheap. Yet every year thousands of lovers of beautiful natural scenery and New Zealand traditions descend from the plane to enjoy an amazing holiday in the far northern and southern islands.

Maori and their legacy

The indigenous people of the archipelago - a distinctive and colorful ethnic group whose customs and heritage form the basis of the culture of modern New Zealand.
Maori are used to living in full communion with nature. Their rites and habits imply respect for the environment and care for it. Modern New Zealanders are proud of the amazing national parks and areas, each of which is worthy of a great painter's brush.
Once on the island, you should observe the traditions of New Zealand to the trip brought a lot of pleasant impressions. The most important of them - the cleanliness and order.

Day of the Treaty of Waitangi

In early February, according to tradition, New ZealandIt celebrates the holiday, which symbolizes the onset of a historic reconciliation between the indigenous inhabitants of the islands and the English settlers. February 6, 1840 signed an agreement on the basic principles of co-existence of the two peoples and cultures.
Day of the Treaty of Waitangi in the country declaredweekends, and the inhabitants of New Zealand celebrate its annual festive procession. By the way, active in the islands - not the most popular. In the tradition of New Zealand and its people - a healthy lifestyle, but they can hardly be called athletes. They love to get out on the nature and picnics, but there is limited holiday gatherings for a good steak.

Useful things

  • Modern New Zealanders, mostly urbanresidents. They love their small cottages and gardens, are fairly modest lifestyle, are Christians and prepare traditional European dishes.
  • Tradition of New Zealand, inherited from the Maori - a wood carving, making masks out of it and household items, tattoos and a perfect knowledge of the nature.
  • On the islands you can buy unique souvenirs representing the dishes, clothes or printed products with a world map on which New Zealand is traditionally located in the heart.


  • Tradition of New Zealand
  • Tradition of New Zealand

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