A trip to New Zealand

A trip to New Zealand

A trip to New Zealand

Unspoilt nature, forests, glaciers,waterfalls, fjords and volcanoes - unimaginable beauty. And all this is ready to give you a trip to New Zealand. If you do not believe me, remember the journey brave Hobbits. The famous fantasy trilogy was filmed in the vastness of this incredibly beautiful country.

Public transport

Intercity well developed, butTickets are quite expensive. However, a system of discounts. In addition, you can purchase discount travel. In addition to large companies offer services and smaller firms-carriers. Prices in this case slightly lower.

Machinery in any case are very comfortable: in the salons have a toilet, air conditioning, television. Tickets for long-distance trips must be booked in advance.

Bus service has in several cities. This Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington. In Wellington there is also a trolleybus. The fare depends on the length of the route. Tickets can be purchased in specialized kiosks.

Major travel agencies offer guests of the countryuse the services of taxis. They work around the clock and move between the most popular tourist locations. Tour price depends on the number of passengers and the total duration of the trip.


The country has a system of discounts andThere are preferential tickets. Travelpass New Zealand allows you to move all types of transport (bus, train, ferry). Valid 8-365 days. Best of New Zealand Pass offers the same features, but the validity of 180 days. In any event, as tickets must be booked.


Taxis in the country a huge set. All machines are equipped with counters. travel Tariffs solid: planting costs NZD 1 per person; 4-5 NZD per kilometer traveled road. Tipping the taxi driver to leave is not required.


New Zealand - a relatively small island,but in its territory there are as many as 113 of airport complexes. International are four (located in cities): Wellington; Christchurch; Auckland; Queenstown.

National air carrier - the company Air New Zealand. Subsidiaries (a total of four) carry the bulk of domestic traffic.

Railway transport

The total length of railway tracks - 3898km. But trains have a particular convenience. Besides moving around the country, so you can even save some money. All trains have a buffet. Only first-class carriages. Sleeping cars are missing.

National parks of New Zealand


  • A trip to New Zealand
  • A trip to New Zealand
  • A trip to New Zealand

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