Wines of New Zealand - red, dry white. The best of New Zealand wines

New Zealand Wines

New Zealand Wines

Distant Island New Zealand - not thea popular destination for Russian tourists. Long flights, tickets are not cheap and a significant difference in time do not contribute to excessive demand for tours. But there is in this distant country, something attractive, sour cream in the minds of all of these gourmet obstacles - New Zealand wine. They are considered among the best in the world, and the reason for that unique natural conditions and a mild climate, and environmental friendliness of New Zealand vineyards.

History and geography

The appearance of fine and exquisite varietiesNew Zealand wines mankind owes S. Marslenu, planted the first vines in the early XIX century in Kerikeri. Viticulture and winemaking in the islands since gone through many trials. Outbreaks of pests and Prohibition, restrictions on New Zealand wine production and its sale in the country - only a small part of the difficulties that befell the winemakers. The middle of the twentieth century was a turning point in the 60-ies of winemaking began to develop by leaps and bounds.
Today New Zealand white wine - one of the mostdecent in the world ranking. Traditional grape varieties in the unique climatic conditions of the islands give the identity and characteristics of wine Riesling is fragrant, louder Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and has persistent nutty aftertaste. The main wine-growing regions - the North Island Marlborough and Gisborne and Hawke's Bay - in the South. It was here Get directions food and wine tours around New Zealand, during which you can taste the best drinks and to meet growing technology and gathering berries.

Nail program

Of all the wines of New Zealand of particular value foropinion and oenologists, and a gourmet, is Sauvignon Blanc. This dry white wine is easily recognizable by dynno-honey shades and special tartness on the palate. New Zealand's benchmark Sauvignon Blanc still too young to compete with the French, for example, but its potential is undeniably high. Wine produced in the Loire Valley in France, New Zealand undeniably loses namesake. In French Sauvignon Blanc is not a hundredth part of the astringency, which leads to the delight of fans of New Zealand beverages.
Classification of New Zealand wines are not so strict,in European countries. The name on the label certainly indicates grape variety and region of origin of the fruit and wine quality is easy to determine: the "already" given region, the better. That is why the presence of the name of a specific vineyard on the bottle label - is a guarantee that a decent drink.


  • New Zealand Wines
  • New Zealand Wines

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