The capital of North Korea: map, photo. What is the capital of North Korea?

Pyongyang - the capital of North Korea

Pyongyang - the capital of North Korea

On the banks of the Yellow and Japan Seas isstate, which is the most controversial association with most of the world population. This, of course, North Korea. The capital of North Korea - the city of Pyongyang. On the map of the world is the state appeared in 1948, after the declaration of independence of South Korea. The main ruling party in North Korea - Korean Workers' Party, whose leader is the first secretary of Kim Jong-un.

Pyongyang without exaggeration is the center of culture, politics and economy of the entire state.

The city's attractions

The capital of North Korea survived the war 1950-53s. As a result, many buildings and even entire neighborhoods had to be completely rebuilt. Brochures and buildings were built in a new way, in many ways reminiscent of the style of the Soviet state. In general, the entire city is filled with monuments, which are reminiscent of the Soviet era.

  • Monument "Chholima" - a unique statue thatIt symbolizes the Korean people's thirst for new developments, to a breakthrough in the construction and promotion of socialism. The monument was opened in 1961. Its creation was timed to the 49 th birthday of Kim Il Sung. The whole ensemble, if I may say so, is the standard for the socialist sculptures: a simple worker, sitting on a horse, carries a letter with a message from the party.
  • Monument to the Juche idea - another monumentarchitecture, timed to coincide with the next anniversary of Kim Il Sung. At this time, we celebrated the 70th anniversary. The height of the pedestal is 170 meters. At the top is a huge torch, and is composed of the word "Juche" on the front. Near the monument erected statues of farmers, workers and intellectuals.
  • Kim Il Sung Square - is the main venue for various celebrations. The most famous area of ​​North Korea regularly hosts parades, demonstrations and various performances.

Athletic facilities

The authorities in Pyongyang and North Korea as a whole,take care of that nation led a healthy lifestyle and achieve sporting success at a global level. The city boasts a number of stadiums, which are the largest sports arenas in the world. Kim Il-sung Stadium can accommodate 70 thousand fans. But that's not all. May Day Stadium is considered to be the largest stadium in the world. You can easily see the various competitions around 150 thousand spectators.


  • Pyongyang - the capital of North Korea
  • Pyongyang - the capital of North Korea
  • Pyongyang - the capital of North Korea

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