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Tours to Pyongyang

Tours to Pyongyang

One of the most closed countries in the world,North Korea almost no practice of issuing tourist visas. To get here, you have to go through a number of complicated formalities and not to be a citizen of the United States, South Korea and not to be a journalist. If all of these potential limitations traveler from Russia are not afraid and do not touch, the Pyongyang tour may well be the one for a holiday or vacation.

History and geography

The city lies on the banks of the Taedong River nearbyfrom the place of its confluence with the Yellow Sea. Its population has long exceeded two million, but because the tours to Pyongyang - a chance to see how he lives a huge Korean metropolis.
Local historians believe that the exact datefounding of the city - in 2334 BC, but scholars from other countries believe that these data are erroneous and it happened after at least two and a half millennia.

Briefly about the importance

  • Direct flights from Moscow to Pyongyang is not in the schedule of Russian airports, but it is possible to fly across China. Joining in Beijing or Shanghai tour will allow the participant to Pyongyang to begin the journey.
  • The second way to be in North Korea - train Moscow-Beijing-Pyongyang, but this option is too time-consuming and a traveler runs the risk of arriving at their destination finally vybivshimsya exhausted.
  • Getting around the city is easiest by tram or trolley, but the subway Pyongyang's admission of foreigners, there are certain limitations.
  • Most of the attractions may be unavailable for the tour party to Pyongyang if it informally dressed. Strict dress code and ban on filming military facilities shall not be affected.
  • Create your own program for the city inspection in North Korea is not possible, as the government controls the tourists and aggressively "offers" their own routes.
  • The main attractions arepost-war period and historically valuable buildings and structures of the participants will not be able to see tours in Pyongyang. The main memorial sites of the city are related to Kim Il Sung and his achievements in the construction and implementation of the Juche idea in North Korea.


  • Tours to Pyongyang
  • Tours to Pyongyang

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