The capital of Puerto Rico: map, photo. What is the capital of Puerto Rico?

San Juan - the capital of Puerto Rico

San Juan - the capital of Puerto Rico

Many cities have a beautiful planet symbolic names, such as Puerto Rico's capital, the beautiful city of San Juan, is named after one of the most famous Christian saints - St. John the Baptist.

One of the oldest

It is understood that the city's name is derived fromSpanish language, and the founders of the city - the Spanish colonizers. The first name is practically no different from the modern name of the country - "Puerto Rico City" and meant in Spanish for "rich port." Soon, residents of the capital will celebrate a very significant date - quincentenary of the formation.

Capital - is not only the oldest cityPuerto Rico, the age he is older than many American cities, the base of which a hand colonists from Europe. Older than in this part of the world only to the city of Santo Domingo, which is located on the territory of the Dominican Republic.

Historically important places

Since Puerto Rico's capital is soadvanced age, the city preserved historical buildings. Most notable among them those that were built to defend the settlement of colonists from external enemies in the first place - Fort San Felipe del Moro and the fort San Cristobal.

The history of the capital started with a Spanish colony, butnot to say that life was displaced quickly and easily in the conquered territories. Firstly, a peaceful indigenous population soon began to understand, for what purpose came here uninvited guests. Secondly, the San Juan port, carrying a lot of expensive and valuable goods, became the target of all sorts of pirates and colonists from other countries. The city survived the attack of the English, Dutch and Americans.

Friendly San Juan

The modern capital of Puerto Rico does not want to participate in military operations, on the contrary, it seeks to create a friendly, welcoming image, actively develop all areas of the tourism business.

Today you can take a walk with a tour of thethe historic center, which has cobblestone streets, beautiful architectural buildings and houses built by the colonialists. Special attention should be preserved forts and La Fortaleza - one of the oldest mansions of the Puerto Rican capital.


  • San Juan - the capital of Puerto Rico
  • San Juan - the capital of Puerto Rico
  • San Juan - the capital of Puerto Rico

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