Resorts Puerto Rico: photos, description

Resorts Puerto Rico

Resorts Puerto Rico

The political status of Puerto Rico on the world mapIt is not easy, but the rest of those on the Caribbean islands is to fly across the ocean, and to overcome other difficulties associated with the entry to the territory controlled by the United States. Holidays at any resort of Puerto Rico - a warm sea, beautiful scenery and a great atmosphere full of relaxation, which can give the traveler only blessed the Caribbean.

"For" or "Against"?

If you dream of spectacular surfing oncrest of a wave, the perfect bronze tan or perfect forms from a hotel window, relaxing on Puerto Rico resorts - it's your choice. However, the flight to the Caribbean archipelago can be made only under certain conditions:

  • It is controlled by the United States,Puerto Rico will require a passport visa traveler to the United States and comply with all the requirements of border and customs, as well as at the intersection of the US border.
  • Direct flights to the island from Moscow is not, and therefore have to look for flight with a connection.
  • Cost of the tour to the resorts of Puerto RicoIt seems democratic - safe hotels are not cheap, and affordable no one can guarantee the absolute safety of the guests of things. By the way, the level of crime on the islands outside the territory of the Resort is quite high, unlike neighboring Cuba or the Dominican Republic.


Wealthy owners of a US visa inpassports are quite happy holiday on the beaches of Puerto Rico. Most areas for sunbathing and swimming here became owners of the prestigious Certificate Blue Flag for cleanliness and environmental friendliness. The most popular islands are active and some excursions:

  • A dozen golf courses close bycapital do honor to any competition, even the prestigious level. Here you can meet famous athletes, movie stars, and even keen on this beautiful sport.
  • Diving and snorkelling - an important part of the beachholiday in the resort of Puerto Rico in Fajardo. The diversity of the underwater world of the Caribbean allows for fascinating diving watch, and take the first lessons you can dive here at the training centers.
  • In Culebra and Fajardo decided to go on a boat in the sea to take underwater hunting. The equipment is easily rented.
  • Gourmet Tours on the main island of the archipelago- A great way to get acquainted with the local Caribbean cuisine. It absorbed the traditions of the various peoples, but because it serves as colorful and unique.


  • Resorts Puerto Rico
  • Resorts Puerto Rico
  • Resorts Puerto Rico

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