Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands: photo, value, description,

Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands

Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands

Yet in less than fifty years, he appeared emblemSolomons. He became a symbol of independence, this small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. Amazing exotic land at one time were discovered by Spanish navigator.

Then, part of the Solomon Islands came underprotectorate of Great Britain, and the second part was controlled by Australia and New Zealand (with the United Nations under the supervision of the Organization). So far in 1978, the indigenous people did not get independence, to start an independent journey into the future.

Coat of arms of the islands and ocean symbols

The composition recalls traditional emblems and logos Europe and America. Among the main elements of the main official symbol of the Solomon Islands can be identified:

  • Shield quite traditional forms;
  • Supporters of exotic animals, crocodiles and sharks;
  • knight's helmet with a torse, crowning the composition;
  • stylized frigate in the bottom of the coat of arms;
  • tape with the country's motto.

Elements and symbols

Although the shield in a centralthe place is in the European tradition, he is full of a variety of elements and symbols, reminiscent of the location of the state, its history and natural resources.

The upper part of the shield azure, bottom -gold color with green Saltire. On a blue background depicts three birds: a handsome eagle and the sides of the two flying frigate. It is the brightest representatives of the feathered kingdom of Solomon Islands, symbolizing freedom and courage.

The bottom shield positioned silveryintersecting spears, arrows and a traditional shield, the main types of weapons, which served as the local people and for production of food and protection from enemies. In addition, there are located images of two turtles, painted in chocolate color.

Thread the most popular animals in Melanesia continues chargers images, the left panel supports greenish-brown crocodile him company on the right is a shark, standing on the tail.

In addition, animals that symbolize the animalthe world of the Solomon Islands, they are reminded of the four districts, which are divided territory under British rule. Eagle - a symbol of Malaita County, frigates - East, Turtle - West, weapons - Central District. They attended the colonial coat of arms, kept on the main symbol of the independent state.


  • Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands

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