Flag of the Solomon Islands: photo, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of the Solomon Islands

Flag of the Solomon Islands

Flag of the Solomon Islands

The national flag of the Solomon Islands was first raised in November 1977.

Description and the proportion of the flag of the Solomon Islands

The flag of the Solomon Islands has a classic rectangular shape. Its length and width correspond at a ratio to each other of 2: 1.
The panel is divided diagonally into two equalpart. Diagonal formed as a thin strip of yellow. Top left of the flag of the Solomon Islands has a bright blue color. In the upper part, adjacent to a pole on a blue background are five white five-pointed stars. The lower right-hand side of the flag of Solomon Islands - dark green.
The colors and symbols on the flag are importantfor residents of the archipelago. Stars - a province, which at the time of the adoption of the flag, there were five. The blue cloth box symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, in whose waters the state is located. Green triangle reminiscent of the fertile islands of land, which gives food to all their residents. Yellow stripe on the flag - is the light of the sun, warming the islanders and the giver hopes for a better future.
The national flag of Solomon Islands canIt is used by the country's law, for all purposes on land. It can lift and private individuals and organizations, and governments. For the purposes of water made their own flags.
Maritime flag for civilian and commercial vesselsNavy Solomon Islands is a red flag in the upper left quarter of which entered the state flag. Similarly, the looks and the cloth of the flag State of the sea with the only difference being that its main field is colored in dark blue color. Navy Solomon Islands has a white flag divided into four fields intersecting thin red stripes, forming a cross. In the upper left quarter it is the national flag of the Solomon Islands.

The history of the flag of the Solomon Islands

The islands came under the colonial dependenceUK in 1893, and their flag on the period of the Protectorate was the blue flag with the Union Jack in the upper left quadrant and the emblem of the islands in the right half. These flags were and are typical for the overseas territories of the British Crown.
For the first time this flag appeared the inhabitants of the SolomonIslands in 1906. He survived with some changes until 1977 and was replaced by today's current state symbol exactly one year before gaining independence archipelago.

Photo Solomon Islands flag

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