Where to eat in Seoul - cheap and tasty

Where to eat in Seoul?

Where to eat in Seoul?

Thinking about where to eat in Seoul? It features a South Korean capital - as the street and restaurant food. In the city are open places where you can enjoy Japanese, Korean, Chinese, European and Russian dishes.

Where to eat cheaply in Seoul?

Cheaply you can eat at the Namdaemun market - herelunch Korean delicacies, seafood, rice, meat, cabbage. From the "street" dishes worth trying takkochhi (fried pieces of chicken on the fire on a stick), Kimball (a mixture of rice, bacon, spinach and eggs in dried seaweed).

Feast on sweet cakes hottok possible onInsa-dong street - here in front of the tourists prepare rice sweets and donuts. On the same street you will meet a lot of cafes and restaurants offering a taste Korean and European cuisine.

For a full lunch or dinner at an affordable price you can go to the food courts (you can find them in all the shopping centers and close to major attractions).

Budget can dine in one of seven restaurants Heukseok Stn, which specialize in Korean barbecue. The average meal here costs $ 7.5.

Where to eat in Seoul tasty?

  • Slobbie: Chef Cook and his team of the Korean restaurant serves traditional dishes from products purchased at local farms. In addition to the main course, then you can enjoy homemade desserts, traditional tea, rice wine. It is worth noting that the restaurant is open eco-culinary school and eco-shop (here sell eco-friendly products).
  • "Korean House": This pretentious restaurant serves Korean imperial cuisine (except, as here, nowhere on the peninsula, you will not find it). In addition, in the evenings here you can see the national costume show (Korean dance).
  • Vatos Urban Tacos: in this restaurant you will be able to try the masterpieces of Mexican cuisine and fusion dishes of modern Korean cuisine. Here it is necessary to eat ribs or pork belly with Korean kimchi, a variety of cocktails and American beers.
  • Tosokchon: This Korean restaurant dishes are not only based on the traditional rice and ginseng, nuts kingko, all kinds of herbs. For example, you can order a chicken soup with ginseng (Samguetang).

Gastronomic tours of Seoul

As part of a gastronomic tour of Seoul youYou visit the traditional restaurant where you can enjoy grilled meat or ribs samgyeopsal Galbi. To get acquainted with the Korean culture, you will be offered to learn to cook kimchi - spicy salad of cabbage.

In Seoul enjoy a gourmet vacation - they canstroll through the specialized quarters where you can taste some dishes, such as rice cakes with spicy pepper sauce or pork legs "chchokpal".


  • Where to eat in Seoul?
  • Where to eat in Seoul?
  • Where to eat in Seoul?

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