Education in South Korea. Study in South Korea - a system of education abroad

Education in South Korea

Education in South Korea

South Korea is famous for its ancient monuments, ski resorts, sandy beaches and high quality education. Getting an education in South Korea has the following advantages:

  • South Korean education - the most efficient and quality in the world;
  • Low cost of training;
  • Government allocates grants for tuition and living expenses, as well as helping to find work and housing after the training;
  • Every year the country hosts an exhibition, whose purpose - to recruit foreign students in well-known companies.

Higher education in South Korea

Study abroad, study in South Korea can bevocational colleges (training duration - 2-3 years), colleges and universities, involving a 4-year training, medical and dental colleges (training - 6 years), pedagogical universities (training takes 4 years).

Before you go to the South Korean university, it is advisable to enroll in a language course for the development of the Korean language.

To enter you will need a high school diploma and a certificate of the results of passed IELTS / TOEFL-test (foreigners can choose a program of study in English).

Business education in South Korea

Business education is available at SolBridge International School of Business (language of instruction - English + additional study of Japanese, Korean, or Chinese).

This business school offers itstraining programs for the study of marketing, strategic management, entrepreneurship, financial management, information technology and management.

In addition to the development of popular specialties, this business school offers its programs, providing an internship and employment opportunities in leading companies.

Language classes

You can walk in language schools and language coursesinternational language universities: courses are designed as children, and the future students who wish to enroll in local universities.

If desired, you can sign up for holiday courses (summer) and to combine language learning with excursions and guided tours.

Working while studying

Students are allowed to work legally in their free time after the 6-month study in local universities. Find a job you can in the local newspapers, the Internet, or in the middle of a job search.

South Korea - the largest financial andthe industrial center of the world, and to get an education here is very prestigious as reclaimed specialty in local universities are modern, popular and relevant.

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  • Education in South Korea
  • Education in South Korea
  • Education in South Korea
  • Education in South Korea
  • Education in South Korea

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