Features South Korea - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features South Korea

Features South Korea

South Korea - a country with a rich and uniqueculture, the many nuances that need to know foreign guests. National characteristics of South Korea are manifested in various spheres of everyday life.


The nation is proud of its cuisine. So, what should be taken into account?

The attribute of culture has long been considered as kimchi,which vegetables are fermented with the addition of large amounts of spices. Most often used for the preparation of kimchi cabbage, but sometimes preferred leaves cauliflower, eggplant, cucumber, radish. Without this dish it is impossible to imagine any one meal!

Koreans are very fond of rice, which can eat onBreakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays and holidays. However, remember that figure in South Korea is still made with a spoon and a bowl can not bring to his mouth!

Koreans eat dog meat can. These delicacies are respectful in men and is usually ordered in the summer. Government authorities are seeking to ban restaurants use for cooking dog meat, because the state must be rehabilitated in the eyes of the civilized world.

National alcoholic drink is soju,which resembles vodka, but is made from grain or potatoes. Bear in mind that in South Korea, the alcohol can be served only with meals.

Important features of travel in Korea

South Korea is a densely populatedcountry, because a large part of its territory is mountains. It is among the many mountains has a small plain with large cities.

You must be very careful: you should not rely on the fact that you will be asked to step aside and give way to you the way, Koreans may simply push and get to the counter in any shop, cross the street, use public transport can be a little difficult.

You can visit South Korea and decide on a long hike in the mountains. This is especially true if you are friends with a Korean, because trips are something of national interests.

Patriotism and the relation to homeland

Koreans really love their country and are ready to fight for her bright future. Be prepared for the fact that the demonstrations in the streets are a typical sight.


  • Features South Korea
  • Features South Korea
  • Features South Korea

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