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Traditional cuisine of South Korea

Traditional cuisine of South Korea

Power in South Korea has quite spicy dishes of national cuisine, as they are prepared with the addition of considerable amounts of pepper and various spices.

Food in South Korea

Diet Koreans consists of meat, fish, seafood, rice, noodles, soups, vegetables and herbs.

In South Korea, it is worth trying a sharp sauerkraut (kimchki); Korean BBQ beef (bulgogi); peppered and salted pieces of raw fish, filled with vinegar (Pentecostal fish); onion pancakes (Payon).

Many believe that the main dish on the tableKoreans - sobachatiny, and they fear that the food will be in their plate. Do not worry: this dish for Koreans - food for special occasions, but far from cheap, so without your consent to submit this dish to you no one will.

What really need to worry about isthat your dish was not a dish of red-brick color (hot pepper is that Koreans eat in large quantities) - to the untrained stomach such a dish can bring a lot of trouble.

Where to eat in South Korea? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants with various cuisines of the world (there is Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, Mexican and other restaurants;
  • Fast food restaurants (McDonalds, KFC, Subway).
  • The country has a lot of Korean national institutions. For example, in kogijip you can enjoy a variety of meat dishes in hoejip - dish of raw fish in hansik - various Korean dishes as light snacks, and meat, and vegetable dishes.

Drinks in South Korea

Koreans are a popular drink green tea, insamcha (ginseng tea), boricha (barley "tea"), coffee, soju (local vodka produced from barley, rice, corn or potato), beer.

Lovers of alcoholic beverages - expanse in South Korea: Alcohol is cheap here. Beer lovers should pay attention to local varieties - OB, Cass, Hite.

Gastronomic Tour in South Korea

Gourmets who went to South Korea, it is worthvisit Seoul - "delicious" city, where there are entire neighborhoods that are known for the preparation of certain dishes. For example, in Sindandone you can eat rice cakes with spicy pepper "ttokpokki" sauce, and Chanchhundone - pig's feet "chchokpal".

Fans of Korean food can go onNumerous festivals are designed for gourmets. For example, going to the Fish Festival, you can take part in this event, as catching fish hand. In addition, you will visit the fish auction and fishing fair, will be able to buy fish and seafood and serves dishes made with these products.

Vacationing in South Korea is very nice - itpromotes absolute security on the streets, a favorable climate and numerous attractions and natural parks, as well as spicy and a magical aroma of national dishes.

Photos South Korea's national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine of South Korea
  • Traditional cuisine of South Korea
  • Traditional cuisine of South Korea

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