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Railways South Korea

Railways South Korea

Popular vehicles in South Koreaconsidered train. The length of the railway network is 6240 km. Transport communications in the country represented by roads and railways, sea and air routes. Railways of South Korea are dominated by a single carrier KORAIL (Korean National Railways).

Features w / d transport

The main towns are connected by railmessage. The capital is connected to the largest city of Busan using w / d line Kёnbu. On the route Seoul - Busan high-speed trains on the Korea Train Express Railroad. The trip one way takes less than three hours. Commuter trains run around the neighborhood of the capital. In the area of ​​rail transport used TGV technology, borrowed from the French. The compositions can accelerate to 300 km / h, driving on special paths. The components of the railway are a little different from the French.

In Korea, the train tickets are more expensive than in many other Asian countries, but not as expensive as in Japan. Purchasing tickets - simple action, because terminals are located throughout the country.

The railway system is different in South Koreacomfort and accessibility. The staff at the stations speaks English. Almost all the stations are equipped with modern pointers in the English and Korean languages. Read the information on the railway system in South Korea can be at Seat61 website.

Railways of South Korea are significantload due to increased freight traffic. The main markets - Europe and Russia. Emphasis is placed on the transportation of coal, cement and container transportation. In recent years, not to lay new routes in the country. Trains were gradually replaced by motor transport.

Main routes and trains

In the northern part of the state before separationKorean people and paved routes Kёnvon Kёni. Seoul communicated with Pyongyang, Kaesong, Sinuiju line Kёni, Wonsan line Kёnvon serviced. Along the route Kёve weekly pass tours. Trains with beds go between Busan, Yeosu and Seoul.

The country has used three types of trains:

  • the fastest - KHT, moving at a speed of 300 km / h;
  • Class 1 trains that make a small number of stops - Saemaul;
  • train 2nd class, stopping at all stations - Thonil-ho.

Foreign tourists can use the travel KR PASS, which are available on the website of Korean railways - korail.com.


  • Railways South Korea
  • Railways South Korea

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