Kitchen South Korea: photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of South Korea

Kitchen South Korea

Kitchen South Korea

Kitchen South Korea - it's pretty spicy food, famous for its variety: the table usually contains vegetables, seafood and soups.

The national cuisine of South Korea

The basis of Korean cuisine is rice,preparing all sorts of ways: for example, you can select a compressed rice porridge ( "Dad") chops and bread from rice ( "chhaltok"). We should also talk about Korean soups - South Korea's widespread "meuthan" (dish of spicy fish soup), "sundubu chige" (a dish of soy soup, shellfish and egg yolk), "doenjang chige" (thick soup based paste of fermented soybeans). If you are interested in desserts, here you will be offered to eat fruit or candied, boiled in syrup and biscuits "hodukvachzha".

Popular Korean cuisine:

  • "Pulgogi" (beef, roasted on an open fire);
  • "Kimpap" (sandwich of rice, omelet and vegetables);
  • "Hemul chongol" (halophyte with seafood);
  • "Oktomkui" (grilled sea bream);
  • "Galbi" (a dish of roasted pork or beef ribs);
  • "Takkalbi" (stew of chicken, seaweed, rice and potatoes).

Where to try Korean cuisine?

When ordering in Korean restaurants, it is necessaryto prepare for what to order food you will be served rice or noodle soup (it is often prepared with marinated beef, so the dish will have a sharp taste) and a salad. Seeing in front of a plate with a dish of red color, is more cautious - too spicy food, flavored with red pepper, can be dangerous for the European stomach. If you decide to dine out sobachatiny find them you will succeed only in expensive restaurants (used for the preparation of certain breeds of dogs, specially grown for slaughter).

Satisfy your hunger in Seoul can be "Myeongdong Kyoja"(Offers to try popular Korean dishes as well as a comprehensive lunch or order dishes from the chef) or "Si-Wha-Dam" (visitors here are served with rice cakes pulgogi, kimchi, noodles with broth).

Cooking classes in South Korea

In Seoul, offers a visit to the culinaryMaster class (a group formed of 3-7 persons, lesson lasts 2-3 hours and is conducted in Korean, English or Russian) for the preparation of national dishes - kimchi. Once the dish is cooked by your hands under the guidance of the chef, offers his taste and dress up in the Korean national costume Hanbok and capture a photo on it.

The trip to South Korea could be timed to coincide withGoysanskomu festival in honor of the red peppers (August), in which the program is to collect pepper crop, the competition among gardeners and cooks, competition fishing with bare hands; Fish Festival (Busan, April); Festival Korean ginseng (Seoul, November); Trout Festival (Pyeongchang, December-January); Crab Festival (Uljin, February-March).


  • Kitchen South Korea
  • Kitchen South Korea
  • Kitchen South Korea

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