The population of South Korea. The number of South Korean population: features, weight, composition

South Korea's population

South Korea's population

South Korea has a population of over 48 million people.

National composition:

  • Koreans (99%);
  • other nations (Chinese, Filipinos, Thais, Vietnamese, Americans).

Koreans believe that they - the descendants of the Altai orProto-Altaic tribes: they compare themselves with the Turks, Mongols and Tungus. Their confidence is based on archaeological data, according to which the Korean peninsula tribes actually migrated from the southern and central regions of Siberia during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

In the 1st is home to 480 people, but the most densely populated area is Seoul Yanchhon-gu (population density - more than 27,000 people per 1 sq km), while the least populated - district Inje-gun (Gangwon Province) is 1 square kilometer 20 inhabitants .

Official language - Korean, but widespread in the country was also English.

Big cities: Seoul, Daejeon, Busan, Iachhon, Daegu, Gwangju, Ulsan, Suwon,

Half of South Koreans (51%) of the Buddhist faith, the rest - Protestantism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Shamanism.

life expectancy

Female population on average live to 80 and men - up to 73 years. Despite the relatively high rates, South Korea donates to health is not so much money ($ 2000 per year for 1 person).

Koreans can boast the lowestlevel indicators for obese people - 4%, while the average for Europe, the figure is 18%, and in Mexico - 40%. This is surprising, because they do not adhere to a healthy diet: they eat few fruits and vegetables and their diet consists of meat, fatty and fried foods, as well as non-edible, according to Europeans dishes as fried insects.

Surely, Koreans have lived even longer, if not for their craving for smoking and alcohol.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of South Korea

Koreans - pious people, who respects to ancestors, family, parents and friends, as well as any culture to foreigners.

In South Korea, interest is the fact that man, regardless of age, others will be considered an adult only after he marries.

A special event in the life of Koreans - bornChild: 100 days after his birth the family organizes a small evening, inviting him to close relatives and friends. And when the child is one year old, this event is celebrated with great pomp. Besides the fact that this event is invited to a lot of people, a child dressed in bright silk suit, and arranged in his honor a special ritual - guessing on his future.

Koreans love to celebrate the holidays. For example, in the festival Sokhondzhe (March, September) people go to the Confucian chapel in which are held costumed processions, accompanied by a traditional orchestra. In celebration of the day the Buddha's Birthday (May) Koreans are satisfied with the spectacular sight - Lantern Parade.

If you are invited to Korea in anyrestaurant, know that it is accepted that each pays for itself, and if you are invited to visit, something to eat be sure to praise the lady of the house (this is very much appreciated).


  • South Korea's population

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