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Treatment in South Korea

Treatment in South Korea

Like any Asian country, South Koreastrong traditional folk methods of treating diseases. Non-surgical techniques based on intimate knowledge of the human body and the age-old observations of the course of the disease allows healers from the Land of Morning Calm to put on their feet most difficult patients in the truest sense of the word. But treatment in South Korea - this modern clinic with modern equipment, advanced technology and unique, giving the right of local medicine occupy the highest line of the world rankings in the field of public health.

important rules

Only the best clinics in the country, according to Koreanlaw, are allowed to work with foreign patients, and one of the criteria of competence - the presence of the international JCI accreditation system adopted in the United States. Service, competence of doctors, the comfort level wards and optional equipment can give a hundred points to many European hospitals, and therefore treatment in South Korea are increasingly choosing and Russian travelers.

How to help here?

Government's special attention to the problemsmedicine and support of foreign tourism manifested in the fact that there is a special visa for medical treatment in South Korea, which is issued very quickly and for a period of one year for the citizens of Russia. This greatly simplifies the procedure for obtaining medical care in the country's hospitals.

Methods and Achievements

The main directions of medicine, the interest of foreign patients in the Land of Morning Calm, is a very impressive list:

  • National Cancer Center has achieved much success in the treatment of most of the known types of cancer.
  • Sejong Hospital surgeons can perfectly fulfill the most complicated heart surgery.
  • JCI Accredited Hospital in Miz-Med in the capital to help women find the joy of motherhood.
  • Plastic surgery in South Korea is one of the best in the world, with reasonable prices and the smallest number of "marriage" in the work done by local clinics popular even among celebrities.

Price issue

Unique high-tech and reliable levelpreparedness Korean doctors promise excellent results treatment. The cost of all procedures and rehabilitation operations in South Korea significantly lower than in the US or European clinics. Compared with the treatment in other countries in Asia, South Korea will be more expensive than Thailand, but would be several times less expensive than Japan.


  • Treatment in South Korea
  • Treatment in South Korea
  • Treatment in South Korea

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