Holidays in Sri Lanka in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Sri Lanka in August

Holidays in Sri Lanka in August

Holidays in Sri Lanka in August

On this amazing island paradise yetinfrequently meet the Russian-speaking tourists. Many stop flight that will last for a long time and takes a lot of effort. Others prefer a more widely promoted in terms of tourism of the country with a large range of services and entertainment.

Holidays in Sri Lanka in August, most likely,I prefer those brave travelers who have visited more than a dozen exotic places, and crave a quiet, solitary pastime. Lovers of history of ancient India also will find themselves on the island are many interesting monuments and amazing temple constructions.

Weather August

The last month of the calendar summer is not toocomfortable to visit Sri Lanka. No one can guarantee good weather throughout the holiday period, as the come to power south-west monsoon rainy surrounded suite. It is worth paying attention to Ceylon resorts that occupy the north-east of the island, where the weather conditions are much more favorable.

Imperious winds exert their influence on the sea,it is restless. Tourists reduced opportunities to go diving, as deteriorating visibility under water. The temperature in August is not much different from the next months, the same + 30 ºC in air, +28 ºC in the water.

Travel to the Lion Rock

It is translated from Sinhala nameSigiriya rock plateau, is central to the island. For over 20 years, the plateau is part of the UNESCO list of natural monuments. Once this plateau fortress was built, which it was to take beyond the power of even a well-armed soldiers.

Today remained only traces of its former greatness,in search of which many tourists come here. The rock was carved a huge figure of a lion (hence the name), and people got into the castle through the mouth. Unfortunately, the animal sculptures were only feet, but they hit the tourist with its size and skill of ancient architects who created this masterpiece. The second attraction is the fortress fresco, which depicts a female concubines.

Also visit the ancient fortress, located inmountains, tourists can go to the ancient monasteries of Kandy, historical relics and beautiful waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya. You can choose a tour, a walk on any of the nearby national parks, which offers a curious exotic animals and plants.

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  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in August
  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in August

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