Holidays in Sri Lanka in June: prices and weather. Where to rest in Sri Lanka in June

Holidays in Sri Lanka in June

Holidays in Sri Lanka in June

This is a small island nation locatedin the southern part of Asia, east of the Indian subcontinent, with which it once was connected Adam's Bridge. More than 500 years have passed since the separation from the mainland and the acquisition of geographical independence. For political independence locals had to fight for a long time and the last step to the victory was the return of historic name of Sri Lanka to replace colonialist name Ceylon.

Tourists who choose to vacation in Sri Lanka in June, at risk of being in the rainy season. However, you can use the bad weather for a detailed acquaintance with the local cuisine and the richness of underwater fauna.

Weather in June

The first summer month on the island of temperatureno different from the preceding and following him. Familiar to all travelers on the island of +30 ° C in the daytime, +26 ° C at night. The temperature of the water in the coastal area is very comfortable for swimming, is about +28 ° C.

Beach vacation can ruin the rains, which happily return to the territory of Sri Lanka in May. Therefore, tourists should take care in advance about what to do with free time.

Hotels in Sri Lanka

Places for guests localsequipped with lots of love and attention. Most often hotels are small in size, but well fit into the local landscape. They differ from each other architecture and decoration, with the design patterns used by national and traditional elements.

Hotel staff are slowly, butrecreation tourists come very diligently develop theme nights and programs. Especially popular with visitors to the island are ethnic pageants.

Ceylon tea

With full responsibility we can assert thatit is the main souvenir uvozimy here. Also delicious, divine drink, from Sri Lanka to carry the memory of tourists souvenirs and handicrafts, textiles and jewelry.

Harvest Moon

In early June, local calendar notesAnother celebration associated with the great Buddha's life - full moon Pawson. Active participation in Buddhist ceremonies to accept the entire country, including tourists.

But the main events take place in the religious centers- Anuradhapura and Mihintale. Here there is the most beautiful sight when the pilgrims dressed in white garments rise to the top of the mountain Mihintale.

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  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in June
  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in June

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