Holidays in Sri Lanka in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Sri Lanka in October

Holidays in Sri Lanka in October

Holidays in Sri Lanka in October

At this time major intruders onthe island is the south-west monsoon, which determine the nature of recreation for all these tourists. Choose a vacation in Sri Lanka in October fortunate enough to see the real sun, hot days, meet with tropical showers and thunderstorms.

The central mountain range onSri Lanka, which becomes a barrier to the monsoon, northern and eastern part of the coast is protected from the large amount of precipitation. It is these areas and travelers should be chosen for a holiday in October.

October weather

Warm and humid climate of the island of Sri Lanka affected bythe weather, which is installed by October. The difference in temperature on the island throughout the year is insignificant, since October begins, if I may say so, the warming. On average, the thermometer is at around +29 ºC. Such indicators can be seen in almost all the most popular resorts in Sri Lanka: Galle, Kandy and Colombo. Ocean pleases temperature +27 ºC.

Low season in Sri Lanka is nearingfinals, sunny days are more and more. However, with the wet weather some days will have to accept, plan for bad weather the trip to the capital to explore the culture and shopping. Or choose the visit to the tea ceremony with tasting of different varieties of delicious tea.

Adam's Peak

There are in Sri Lanka, sacred for every touristspace. The role of one of the main attractions takes on the mountain Sri Pada that European tourists long ago renamed to Adam's Peak. It is a sacred place for the representatives of the four most common religions.

Local Buddhists believe that at the top of the mountain can besee the trail of the great divine Gautama. It is necessary to spend the night at the peak to a couple of seconds before the sun could be seen a distinct imprint glowing in the first rays of the morning.

Hindus claim that it is the trace of Shiva, MuslimsAdam called the name of expelled from paradise, and it is here to set foot to earth, Christians believe the prints belong to the Apostle Thomas. To see this miracle, to unite the country and religion, many tourists come here, and adding his tracks.

And yet there is an extraordinary mailbox inthat people omit letters written to God, according to the beliefs of local residents, he is very close to this place and hence the treatment will reach. Worth checking out!

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  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in October
  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in October

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