Rent a car in Sri Lanka. Car Rental in Sri Lanka - prices

Rent a car in Sri Lanka

Rent a car in Sri Lanka

In order to rent a car in Sri Lankarent, tourist have to be over 21 years, also have to present a driver's license of international standard. But local law, as it was done in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, no one will offer to purchase. Unless permission from the Automobile Association of Ceylon (AAC). And asked him the sum of 3,000 Sri Lankan rupees, around $ 23. Normally, the hassle of registration of this document assumes himself distributors. And no it is not necessary to pass the exams!

Rent price

Rent a car in Sri Lanka in the average cost from 18 to20 thousand. Sri Lankan rupees. It includes a pledge of about 8-10% of all transactions with distributors. But be aware that here, even at a small area of ​​the island, set a limited mileage. only 70-100 km per day can be run over in Sri Lanka, and exceeding the norm, you can even pay a penalty.

It is best to register in advance rentMachines in Sri Lanka. This is done before the trip. We must send the Company the necessary documents. These are copies of national and international laws. You then need to remotely pay for the service, and then you have selected the machine will wait for you at the airport.

Just do not be fooled: this former British colony has left-hand traffic. Moreover, here, as in neighboring India practiced a very aggressive driving. Therefore, if you are not afraid to deal with the difficulties that prefer the safest option: car rental with driver, and although it will be released on 40% more expensive, yet it makes sense. Only it is desirable to make inquiries in advance: instead Likhachev whether the driver is on the road, which will provide you with the company. Otherwise, your vacation will be associated only with the fear for their own lives.

Now for the fuel. Gasoline in Sri Lanka can cost 115-130 Sri Lankan rupees. Translated into US currency - it's $ 1. And buy the fuel can not only at gas stations, and even in grocery stores, located near the road.

Where to go in Sri Lanka

From there, the driver without him there, but you cango watch attractions of the country. And above all, it's Biological Reserve Sinharaja. This virgin forest, which grows a myriad of exotic plants and trees-giants reaching 50 m in height.

No less beautiful Bundala National Park, whereIt has lovely lagoon sandbanks. Here nest 20 thousand species of birds. Other inhabitants of the reserve - sea turtles, which displays on the sand their offspring.

If you are desperate lover of exotic fauna, thevisit Yala National Park, the oldest and largest in the country. It is home to a huge population of buffalo, elephants, spotted deer, wild boars, monkeys, crocodiles, flying squirrels, wild cats, and monitor lizards.

City Hikkaduwa - a "Reserve corals" and if you - a diver, there is no better place for you than you can imagine.

And if you prefer more, and historical monuments, visit Sigiriya - "mountain lion", which erected a beautiful palace-fortress Kassiap king.


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