Taxi Sri Lanka - price, order. How much is a taxi in Sri Lanka

Taxis in Sri Lanka

Taxis in Sri Lanka

Taxis in Sri Lanka - the most popular waymovement in this country. Of course, it is possible to move, and other modes of transport, such as bus, but pleasant enough on a trip, because it is moving at a minimum speed.

Types of taxis

In this country, several kinds of taxis: minivan, budget taxis, passenger car. You can order the ordinary passenger car or minivan for group travel from 6 to 12 people. The increasing popularity is gaining today a budget taxi which runs on a small compact car. A trip to such transport costs by almost 30% cheaper than a simple car.

Things to remember

Tourists should be aware that some roads inthis country are paid. If you select a route for him, you save your time, but it will be worth the extra money. On average, the amount can range from 1 to 5 dollars.

Not all the taxis have a meter, because here the transport used to travel a few dozen kilometers. If you want to get around the city, it is easier to hire a rickshaw.

Taxis in the country are, as a rule,large parking lots, which are located near the airport or the train station. The cost of a trip here can be more expensive than if you call a car over the phone.

cost of

The cost of the fare will be determined by localrate, for example, eight rubles per kilometer landing and, if translated into the local currency that is 30 lan. Rs. Over the next 7 kilometers rubles per kilometer, or 26 lan. Rs. Given that in many parts of the taxi drivers do not use the meter, the average tourist to be asked about 19 rubles per kilometer. If you move around the city, the minimum amount that you will be charged per kilometer, is 27 rubles, the local currency is 100 lan. Rs.

As already mentioned, on some routes, pricethe fare will be fixed and more expensive than over the counter. For example, for a trip to the Bandaranaike airport from Colombo will have to pay about 1500 lan. Rs.

Taking a car to rent is not accepted, becausethat the left-hand traffic and tourists is difficult to navigate. It is because the prices for taxi services in the country are among the cheapest in the world, tourists can well afford to travel around the country is by taxi.

Private cabs here is not to find all the taxis inincluding the "tuk-tuk", standing on the specially designated large parking lots. Taxis can be called by phone in Colombo + (94 11) 281-88-18 or + (94 11) 281-88-18. During the call no extra charge, as well as for easy plug. In fact, cork for this country are not peculiar, but it is very unusual rules of the road, not only for drivers, but also pedestrians. That is why it is best to hire a taxi.

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  • Taxis in Sri Lanka
  • Taxis in Sri Lanka

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