Airports Syria - Syria's list of international airports

Airports Syria

Airports Syria

Located in a politically volatile regionplanet, Syrian Arab Republic - the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Its history dates back several millennia BC. Torn apart by the civil war, the country is still a long time will not be an important and popular tourist destination, but it has something to show the inquisitive traveler who is interested in the history and culture of human civilization. In Syria, the airports land today is not only civil but also military aircraft, however, hope that one day on the ground in Aleppo and Damascus will go ordinary tourists, it remains.

International airports Syria

Three international air Syria harbors are located in different regions of the country:

  • Capital Damascus airport before the warHe served more than five million passengers per year. It flew Emirates, British Airways, Royal Jordanian, Egypt Air and several other airlines that the outbreak of war in 2012 stopped the air traffic with Syria.
  • Aleppo Air port to send and receivetwo million passengers each year. This is the second after the capital's hub for local carrier Syrian Air, and the last renovation in 1999 made him one of the most advanced airports in the region. The city where the airport is located - on the list of the oldest continuously inhabited in the world, and its significant place in history is determined by the fact that it was located on the Silk Road. Today in Syria, this airport land side only national carrier, performs periodic flights from Damascus.
  • International Airport Bassel Al Assad in the westcountries served by the main seaport of Latakia in Syria. It flies to the capital and largest city of the Middle East - Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Sharjah and the capital Damascus.

metropolitan area

The international airport in Damascus, Syria wasbuilt in the mid 70-ies of the last century and is the busiest in the country. Its infrastructure includes two duty-free shop, a few restaurants and souvenir shops, three restaurants and lounge business class passengers.
List of airlines that continue to makeflights to Damascus airport, despite martial law, very little. Here land side Al-Naser Airlines, Caspian Airlines, Cham Wings Airlines, Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines and Kish Air. Local air carrier continues to carry passengers in Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Tehran and Doha, but these flights are not always regular.


  • Airports Syria
  • Airports Syria

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