Syria Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Syria Coat of Arms

Syria Coat of Arms

The Middle East presents the world communityone unpleasant surprise after another. Constantly breaking out political, economic, national conflicts that escalate into armed clashes and war. The fact that not everything is stable in the Middle East may be indirect evidence of Syria coat of arms, which changes as often as the political situation in the country.

Description of the coat of arms

Currently, the main official symbolSyrian Arab Republic, is a bird of prey Hawk, the so-called Hawk of Quraysh. He is depicted in gold color on his chest - a small shield, divided into three parts, painted in national flag colors (emerald green, white, black). The central white box placed red stars.

The wings of the eagle opened, his head turned to the right. The last remark is very important because during the reign of various politicians and groups provided the bird's head turned to the right and to the left.

On the one hand, the new ruling elitedemonstrated loyalty to the chosen course of the country, on the other hand, argued that the new government requires the appearance of new characters, who will testify about the changes in the foreign and domestic policy.

And yet the same character in all Syriannational symbols is a hawk. You can see that in his paws he is emerald scroll that contains the name of the country written in Arabic. At the tail of the bird, two green wheat ear.


Prior to 1958, the Quraish hawk also looked to the right, but depicted in a silver color, the shield was a great size, and white (silver), tape and wheat ears - gold.

United Arab Republic (Syria and the UnionEgypt) has caused the emergence of a new coat of arms. The bird remained, but became known as Saladin eagle wings changed color to black, and the rest of the plumage - a gold, acquired a very powerful legs and pronounced the formidable character. Coat existed until 1972 (with a short break).

Federation of Arab Republics (time of existence from 1972 to 1977) regained a hawk, a hair's breadth coincides with the current coat of arms, but made in silver and gold tones.

The emergence of a new state on the map of the planet, the Syrian Arab Republic, it has made a multi-colored coat of arms, the noble metals added black, green, red, national flag colors.


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