Best restaurants Dushanbe - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Dushanbe

The best restaurants in Dushanbe

The beautiful and ancient capital of Tajikistan,filled with awesome Asian flair is at the same time the economic and historical center of the country. Once upon a time this place was a small market, but now there is a big modern city. Throughout its history and culture can be seen in museums and national dishes tasty feed best Dushanbe restaurants.

National cuisine

Main dishes Tajiks is, of course, rice,skewers and stuffed cabbage. Love local meat and porridge instead of bread, traditional cakes. The main beverage - tea. He drank a lot and in an unusual way - with butter, milk and salt. Desserts Tajiks and eat before lunch, and after. Good restaurants with local cuisine: «Kabob House»; "Shesh-Besh"; «Rudaki Restaurant».

Especially popular with locals and guestscity ​​are the so-called tea-houses, especially teahouse "Rohat". It is a place with a good reputation, the national colors, and excellent cuisine. Visitors are seated at the trestle east, hookah and also present the opportunity to dine outdoors. Entertains visitors with live music.

Arabic cuisine

For lovers of Arabian dishes and anything elseeast, in Dushanbe, there are several institutions with the food and atmosphere. Recommend sure to visit the restaurant «Al Sham», which has everything to feel like a real sheikh. Guest parking is available not only Arabic food, but also individual booths, belly dancing to Arabic music and impeccable service.

But the newly opened restaurant "Sharm El Sheikh"surprises for its interior - Ancient Egypt theme places. Cuisine here respectively Arabic, and all the tables in the room to close the curtains. This is to ensure that visitors feel cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Fast food

You can look here at least toto understand why, for example, fast-food «NYFC» enjoys a wide popularity among the locals. It is inexpensive, the menu is dominated by salads and chicken dishes. There is free wi-fi.

On a healthy lifestyle oriented assay, fast food «Country Shicken". This establishment is positioned as an alternative to the harmful fast food - meat diet, cholesterol-free oil and specialty spices. It is worth checking out.

In Dushanbe, of course, there are restaurants for every taste. The most fastidious gourmet will find in this city his favorite place and always will be satisfied.


  • The best restaurants in Dushanbe
  • The best restaurants in Dushanbe
  • The best restaurants in Dushanbe

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