How to fly from Dushanbe to Moscow? Time of flight Dushanbe - Moscow

How to fly from Dushanbe to Moscow?

How to fly from Dushanbe to Moscow?

In Dushanbe, you could explore the HissarFortress, a monument to Ismail Samani, the St. Nicholas Cathedral and a statue of the poet Rudaki, visit the Museum of Musical Instruments Gurminj Zavkibekov, Opera Theatre of Ayni and the Museum of Ethnography, spend time in Dushanbe zoo, water park "Dolphin" night clubs "the Manhattan" and "Amnesia "? But one of these days you will return flight?

How to fly from Dushanbe to Moscow (direct flight)?

2990 km - the distance between Dushanbe and Moscow, which you will overcome for 4.5 hours. So, with the "Tajik Air" your way to "Domodedovo" will last for 4 hours and 40 minutes, and with "Somon Air" - just 4.5 hours.

Travelers who want to get information aboutairfare Dushanbe-Moscow, should know that it is around 11400-15700 rubles (to buy attractively priced tickets can be expected in September and May).

Connection Flight Dushanbe-Moscow

Departure from Dushanbe, travelers canoffer a break in the airport of Almaty and Astana, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, or another city. Stop in Krasnodar ( "Ural Airlines") will extend your air-travel for 24 hours (in the air you will spend 6 hours, and before to board the two aircraft, you will have 18 hours), Orenburg ( "Orenburg Airlines ") - 21.5 hours (before 2 flight you will be able to rest for 15 hours), Samara (" Ural Airlines "," Utair ") - 20.5 hours (to be announced 14.5-hour break between flights ), Kazan ( "Transaero", "Ural airlines") - 12.5 hours (before 2 flight you will rest for 6.5 hours). And having made two stops, for example, in Astana and Almaty ( "Air Astana"), in the way you spend 12 hours (to rest between flights you allocate 4.5 hours).

Choose a carrier

The following carriers ask you to board the TU 214, the Embraer 190, a Boeing 757-200, Airbus A 321-100 aircraft, or another: "Utair"; "Tajik Air"; "Air Southwest"; "AirAstana".

Departures from the capital of Tajikistan to Moscowmade of "Dushanbe" Airport (DYU) - it is 5 km from the city center (get in the bus number 8, a minibus number 14, 1, 8, 16, 33, 1, trolleybus number 4). The traveler the airport will be waiting for storage where you can drop your luggage, waiting room and VIP-hall of rest (you can visit the bar, which offers taste Tajik alcohol, order food from the airport cafe, to hold a meeting in a conference room), kiosks, where you can buy daily newspapers, food restaurants, pharmacy.

What to do on the road?

Air travelers should consider whobestow the award of souvenirs purchased in Dushanbe, as Suzane - large rectangular embroidered panels (it hung on the wall), Tajik knives ( "cords"), wooden utensils with decorative carvings, ornaments and figurines from the Pamir gems, skull-caps, shawls and headscarves decorated with printed pattern or hand embroidery, carpets and curtains, leather goods, pottery figurines.


  • How to fly from Dushanbe to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Dushanbe to Moscow?

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