Currency in Tajikistan: the exchange, importation, money. What is the currency in Tajikistan?

The currency in Tajikistan

The currency in Tajikistan

What is the currency in Tajikistan? Tajik ruble, which for five years has acted as the national currency of Tajikistan, was replaced by the Somoni, since 2000. New currency was given the international currency code is TJS. The equivalent of one somoni act 100 dirham (coin). To date across the country used notes, in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 somoni coins for 1, 3 and 5 somoni, as well as coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 dirhams.
The name of the new currency was established on behalf of theSomoni. This man founded the first Tajik state. Each note is placed the national coat of arms and the national flag. Banknote each denomination has its own unique color and size. On banknotes depict monuments of culture and history, outstanding people, who have made great contribution to the development of Tajikistan.

What currency to take to Tajikistan

In the course of the country only TJS nowso that any other currency will have to change if you are going to pay for goods or services immediately. In Dushanbe, and several of the major cities there are places with the possibility to pay in dollars. However, the use of the national currency will significantly simplify the process of buying or paying anything. It also reduces the risk of collision with the scammers.

Currency exchange in Tajikistan

To make currency exchange transactions can bebranches of banks, airports, as well as in the official exchange points. Among other things, in hotels and currency exchange service is available. Here you will be willing to change for national somoni and the Russian ruble and Ukrainian hryvnia, and the euro and the US dollar.
Experienced travelers warn againstto change the currency outside government exchangers, for example, from private individuals. Currency purchase "with hands" will make you a victim of fraud in two out of three cases.
Do not count on the availability ofATMs. To find them only in the biggest cities of Tajikistan. Even when they are not considered to be common. At the same time, problematic and payment by credit or debit card. Terminals receiving plastic cards is available only in a few restaurants and hotels, even if it comes to the capital. If you count on cashing traveler's checks in Tajikistan, then forget about it. To make it not work.

The export and import currency in Tajikistan

National money Tajik somoniIt is forbidden to transport across borders even at the entrance, even when leaving. On arrival mandatory declaration shall be the amount in excess of US $ 500. This can be imported into Tajikistan amount to less than $ 5,000.


  • The currency in Tajikistan
  • The currency in Tajikistan
  • The currency in Tajikistan

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