Airports in Aruba - List of international airports in Aruba

Airports in Aruba

Airports in Aruba

A small island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast ofVenezuela - a popular beach holiday tourists in the Western Hemisphere. Russian tourists at the airport of Aruba is also land, because paradise beaches and amazing Caribbean festivals are able to impress even the tourist exhausted many hours of flight.

Aruba International Airport

The only airport on the island has the statusInternational and is the name of Queen Beatrix - Aruba is the subject of the federation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The easiest way to get from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities to the Caribbean island through Amsterdam. Airline KLM has in its schedule regular flights to Oranjestad - the nation's capital.
Besides Aruba visa is issued at the consulates andEmbassy of the Netherlands, to carry out flight through Amsterdam Russian travelers will need a transit visa of the Netherlands. Travel time excluding the docking will be about 14 hours.


Aruba International Airport began witha small territory on the southern coast of the island, where the three-engine plane landed in 1934. The first scheduled flights began to take here a year later from the island Kuroshio, and after only five years on planes that landed in Aruba, were visible markings of Barbados flights, Trinidad, the United States, and even Portugal.
During World War II, the airport was handed over to the military, and soon a second terminal was opened after its completion.
Name Queen Beatrix Air Harbor of Aruba received in 1955.

On the island paradise

All international flights arrivethe only one on the island of Aruba Airport. The city where the airport is located, is called Oranjestad and overcome 3,5 km from the terminal to the center of the capital to help the local taxi drivers. The hotel organizes a shuttle service on request guests.
Despite the small size of the island of Aruba airport receives a large number of international flights from different countries:

  • The main recreation fans in the Caribbean - residentsCanada and the United States, but because the boards of the Toronto, New York, Boston and Miami are lands set. The schedule contains flights Air Canada, American Airlines, CanJet, Delta, JetBlue Airways and United Airlines.
  • From Europe, except the Netherlands KLM International Airport Aruba landing planes Condor from Frankfurt and First Choice Airways from Manchester.
  • The surrounding countries are represented by the airlines Copa Airlines of Panama, Avianca of Colombia, Caribair from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela Venezolana.

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  • Airports in Aruba
  • Airports in Aruba

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