Airports Gambia - Gambia list of international airports

Airports Gambia

Airports Gambia

The smallest state by area in the blackcontinent, Gambia is an interesting tourist site only for British fans rest on its clean beaches - to fly on holiday to the former colony is quite in the style of English subjects. The city, where the only airport Gambia - Banjul is the capital.

Gambia International Airport

Airport-Yundum Banjul and business centershared by 24 km, which can be overcome by taxi or public transport. Optimally order the transfer to the hotel, where the stay of rest, or travel company, as Gambia - not the safest country for foreign tourists.
The building of the passenger terminal brought into1966 operation in the year. It was built under the joint project of local architects and engineers from the UK. The terminal has a cafe, bureau de change, duty-free shops.
Among airlines, whose side are landing at the airport in Gambia, the number of small, and the world-famous:

  • Arik Air fly to Accra in Ghana and Freetown in Sierra Leone.
  • Binter Canarias fly to the island of Gran Canaria as a part of the Canary archipelago.
  • Brussels Airlines take passengers from the capital of Belgium.
  • Royal Air Maroc operate regular flights to Casablanca.
  • Senegal Airlines connects airport Gambia with Senegal.
  • Thomas Cook Airlines bring tourists from Birmingham and Manchester.
  • Small Planet Airlines carried seasonal charter flights from Gatwick Airport in London.
  • Vueling carries wishing to get to Gambia from Barcelona.

Interesting Facts

Despite the small size of the state and not too high popularity among travelers, the airport serves Gambia every year at least one million passengers.
The length of the runway strip airportBanjul Yundum, is 3.6 km and meets the highest international standards. The third-longest in the black continent "Vzletka" allows you to send and receive aircraft of any weight.
The construction and reconstruction Gambia Airportparticipated American agency NASA, is interested in creating an alternate aerodrome for landing the space shuttle. Thanks to the American involvement in the project, the runway was extended to 45 meters, and dispatchers received a modern radio-electronic control and navigation systems.
Ufologists and researchers of ancient civilizationsbelieved to be the first airport in the territory of modern Gambia was built long before 1977, as is commonly believed. The opposite ends of the runway made of stone slabs of sand-brown color, which is not used in the construction practice of the last century, and the length of the paved runway with these extensions and does look prohibitive for the realities of the last century. Locals have seen the plates before the Second World War, and thus, a version of a secret Nazi airfield also does not hold water.


  • Airports Gambia
  • Airports Gambia

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