Bus tours in the Benelux. The cost of bus tours through Benelux 2016

Bus tours in Benelux

Bus tours in Benelux

Going on a trip on the bus, it is necessaryin advance to find out more about the route, because many of these tours include overnight travel, and it is not for everyone. The best option would be a tour, which provides for spending the night in hotels and transfers carried out only during the day, when the window is good to survey the neighborhood. In particular, an unforgettable experience can give you a tour of European countries, and to see the three of them at once, you can make a trip to the Benelux. The Commonwealth includes:

  • Netherlands;
  • Belgium;
  • Duchy of Luxembourg.

As a result, you will have a wonderfulthe opportunity to visit almost in the most romantic part of Europe, to plunge into the atmosphere of medieval castles, to compare them with the modern fashionable quarters of the city and good quality roads. But along the line you have to admire the pristine natural beauty of these states. Each of them has its own unique flavor. However, you will have to wait for a surprise: you do not even notice how crossing the border between the two countries.


First, you are likely to be brought to the Netherlands. You will be welcomed country of tulips, which, however, find a place where there is permissiveness. On the other hand there anybody in a head will not come to force you to observe a dress code that you see, not to tally with European hospitality. Wonderful Amsterdam, with its network of canals more could argue with Peter for the title of Venice of the North. It seems that they are not less. But after driving from the metropolis to the province, out of the window you will see a lot of windmills, and it looks like a trip back in time.


If you really want to headimmerse yourself in the Middle Ages, then wait for the moment when find yourself in Belgium - the country is very original and very charming though. Not only that, she has rich historical and cultural heritage, so also you can find perfectly preserved medieval quarters in every city in the country. This is where you get incredible pleasure from the opportunity to spend one hand on the ancient stones of buildings, and wander through the pavement of bridge, stand on one of the oldest squares surrounded by centuries-old town hall. And what are the artistic treasures!


But the most mysterious state visitwhich include bus tours in the Benelux - is Luxembourg. We, the inhabitants of the vast country, it will be interesting to look at the life of the tiny state, and at the same time - the Grand Duchy. You will be interested to know that Luxembourg was once part of France, and now it is a very small but independent country in which even been established such a serious industry, such as metallurgy. However, Luxembourg gentler neighbors refers to natural resources and instead of smelting iron from ore, the industry moved on recyclables. And having been in the provinces of the duchy, you will experience the local national spirit and perfectly a rest.

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