Angola Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Angola?

Luanda - Angola's capital

Luanda - Angola's capital

Luanda - Angola's capital city - is in an advantageous geographical position. Firstly, the place of its accommodation - the coast of the great Atlantic Ocean, and secondly, near the river Kwanza.

In the vicinity of the main city of Angola preservedsavannas, and almost intact. This means that tourists, without going far beyond the region, will be able to get acquainted with the wonderful world of African fauna and flora.

History Luanda

On the map of Africa was a new settlementrecorded in 1575. The founder of the future capital of the Angolan State is considered Paulo Dias de Novaisha - colonizer, whose roots are to be found in Portugal. The first name of the city - São Paulo de Luanda.

Originally it was a small settlementimmigrants from Portugal, which is growing rapidly, and already in 1605 acquired the status of a city. And by the end of the same century it is met the administration of the Portuguese colony. The modern name of the city received only in 1975.

Portuguese colonizers not too sweetI lived on this earth, because they were engaged in the slave trade, and had a lot to occupy the territory with such a lucrative business. Indigenous people dreamed of freedom and independence, but only in the second half of the twentieth century, a new state of Angola, Luanda and became its capital.

Cultural Development Center

That is called the capital of Angola today. There are schools, secondary schools, now has its own university, the Academy of Music. In the capital, two museums are working: Angola Museum, which presents natural history artifacts, and Dongdu Museum, which contains historical and ethnographic collections. Literary monuments, creation of Angolan writers are kept in the National Library, as well as in municipal libraries.

Attractions in Luanda

When meeting with the architecture of the capital, especiallybuildings of the old town, the experts noted the undoubted similarities with the Portuguese provincial cities. This is understandable, given that Luanda was founded by immigrants from the country. You can see the beautiful old buildings in the baroque and classicism. Among the important sights: the church of the Carmelites; Church of Our Lady of Nazareth; Jesuit church.

Interesting fact - the sidewalks are paved in Luanda amazing tiles, which also deserves the attention of tourists, as well as architectural masterpieces.


  • Luanda - Angola's capital
  • Luanda - Angola's capital
  • Luanda - Angola's capital

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