The capital of Aruba: map, photo. What is the capital of Aruba?

Oranjestad - Aruba's capital

Oranjestad - Aruba's capital

The capital of Aruba - it's too loud name,as to the full independence of the territories is still far. Public education, which is located on one of the Lesser Antilles, at the moment - is the subject of the federation of the Netherlands. Therefore, a more correct to call Oranjestad no capital and administrative center.

The city is located in the southwest of the island, its architecture is closely intertwined local traditions, colonial style, felt a strong influence of the Dutch masters.

The history of the city and name

Initially, the place of the modern city buildingappeared Zautman fort, it happened in 1796. Somehow, the first inhabitants of the fort could not think of his name. Since the island bred horses, and then transported to the neighboring islands, the settlement and called - "a place on the horse's beach."

The modern name of the main city of Arubatranslated as easy - the city of Orange. However, its origin is associated not with the popular fruit, and William of Orange, the first king of the Netherlands. His new name, the city received in the beginning of the XIX century. Rapidly develop this small town became after the discovery of gold deposits.

The life of the modern tourist

The main source of income today - it's guestsother countries, who have long loved the local white beaches, amazing for its cleanliness, the beautiful ocean and the emerald green of the palm trees. In Oranjestad are many hotels, inns, apartments, many of them offer the highest level of service.

In the vicinity of the city are located hundreds of beaches,all of them - municipal, that is absolutely free for tourists. Opposite the harbor of Oranjestad is a tiny island with a beautiful name Renaissance, it is also like to visit the guests.

Activities and attractions

Oranjestad is rich in museums, so those who wantedto get acquainted with the history of these areas and the city itself, ethnography, folklore, art - a direct route to one of these institutions. The most popular are:

  • Historical Museum is located in the famous fort Zautman;
  • Numismatic Museum that holds a collection of coins from sunken vessels;
  • Archaeological Museum with unique artifacts found during excavations.

Sights, natural and historical,there are in the vicinity of, for example, Gvadirikiri - cave complex, a place of refuge of pirates, romantic cave Huliba or arikok National Park.


  • Oranjestad - Aruba's capital
  • Oranjestad - Aruba's capital
  • Oranjestad - Aruba's capital

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