Rwanda Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Rwanda?

Kigali - Rwanda's capital

Kigali - Rwanda's capital

City of Eternal Spring - that is the definition ofHe received the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, gorgeous, from the guests, who like and its location (in the green velvet hills), and a good hotel infrastructure. In this city and its surroundings have all the opportunities for high-quality, rich leisure facilities, including an acquaintance with natural attractions and outstanding representatives of fauna of this corner of the planet.

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The number of inhabitants of Kigali today exceededmillion, but it was not always, as the city is quite young, recently celebrated its centenary. Historians are at odds, what year (1907 or 1898), considered the founding year of the modern capital city of Rwanda.

The emergence of settlements associated with the colonization ofAfrican territories of Germany and the formation of the residence of the German colony management. Subsequent years, the city all the time was under the control of the first German Empire (1916), and later - the League of Nations (1919), then controlled by Belgium.

It is only since 1962, when Rwanda gainedindependence, and Kigali, the capital status, rapid development and town and country. Statistics says that in 1945 there lived only 6 thousand people, and today it is in the list of cities with a population over one million.

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Any tourist, to see a specialistNational Tourist Office, Rwanda can obtain detailed information about possible excursions in the capital. The main proposal - a bus tour of Kigali, which lasts about three hours and includes visits to major historical sites and modern architectural masterpieces.

Such a journey - not a way to meetOnly the life of the capital, but in fact the whole of Rwanda. And no need to wait until it fills the entire tour bus, only four people to began an amazing journey into the history of the capital. Guides speak in English.

The basic list of every tourist entering the Kigali includes, in addition to a tour sightseeing bus tour:

  • visit the Kigali Memorial Center;
  • a visit to the Natural History Museum of the country;
  • inspection of the collections of the Geological Museum.

It is understood that the city's color is known beforeall the local markets and bazaars. The main souvenir remaining on the photo and go in suitcases of tourists - a ceramic Pygmies Twa tribe. In addition, demand for mats and rugs, wicker baskets and traditional African masks.


  • Kigali - Rwanda's capital
  • Kigali - Rwanda's capital
  • Kigali - Rwanda's capital

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