Mauritania Capital: map, photo. What is the capital of Mauritania?

Nouakchott - Mauritania's capital

Nouakchott - Mauritania's capital

Some cities are a good place on the mapcountries, such as the capital of Mauritania, which is located on the Atlantic coast. Therefore, here tourists can have a good time at the beach entertainment and acquaintance with natural attractions. At the same time, travelers can not know what it is - the hot breath of the Sahara.

Neighboring countries, Algeria and Senegal, for a long time developing the tourism business, they know how to please any guest. Mauritania is taking its first cautious steps in this very promising direction for her.

From ancient times to the present day

Set the exact date (even centuries), when the firstman appeared in these lands, scientists can not but point out that this has happened before our era. They were representatives of the Negroid race, engaged in hunting in the first place, and agriculture.

They were replaced by the guests from the north, it wasBerbers, who considered their main occupation and cattle came to these territories in search of pasture and the best land. They were replaced in the XI century, the Arabs, who have taken power into their own hands, formed a state Tarbes el Bidan, whose name can be translated as "Land of the white." Then it sets a very complicated hierarchy: the tip of - Arab Hassan, just below - the Berbers warriors, even lower - their "colleagues", peaceful pastoralists have settled at the bottom of negros, descendants of the first inhabitants.

Equally difficult was the colonial period and,French first came here, but they had a long time to prove that they can pretend to declare their property in Mauritania (this happened only in 1920). Since 1946, the country was considered an overseas territory of France; since 1958 - an autonomous republic; now it is an independent state with the capital Nouakchott.

Secrets of the name

On the map of the country Nouakchott appeared only in 1957year, but the city is characterized by very rapid population growth, during which time the number of inhabitants increased to forty times, and is almost 800 thousand people.

The name chosen for the capital with the meaning of hisa word in the Berber language as "a place where strong winds blow." The name of the city was due to its geographical location, proximity to the Atlantic.

Random selection

The role went to the capital city almost by accident, inthe days of the French colony center was located on the territory of neighboring Senegal. When declaring independence in particular does not stand Nouakchott village was chosen as the new capital of the state, since the other larger settlements on the territory of Mauritania was not. One advantage - convenient geographical location.


  • Nouakchott - Mauritania's capital
  • Nouakchott - Mauritania's capital
  • Nouakchott - Mauritania's capital

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