Guyana Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Guyana?

Georgetown - the capital of Guyana

Georgetown - the capital of Guyana

Georgetown - one of the most popular place names inworld. There are cities with the same name in Texas and Virginia (USA), Penang (Malaysia). The same name can be found on the map of the Cayman Islands and Ascension. But most of all known capital of Guyana, a small country located in the northern part of South America.

Capital ethnicity

Today, Georgetown is home to a third of the populationcountry, and what is most interesting, is the least indigenous peoples - American Indians. They went into the country, leading a nomadic life. But 50% of the population - came from India as well as the descendants of the first Indian settlers.

On the streets you can find the descendants of the capitalAfricans, Europeans, especially the Portuguese, and mulattos. The multinational has led to the emergence of various denominations in the town, where the proportion is different - the majority are Christians, after them are fans of Hinduism, then advocates of the Muslim faith.


Founded Georgetown - 1781, at the beginnings ofwere Portuguese colonists who first settled in these areas. The first name of the capital - Stabroek, then there is a pond, where the water is stationary (translated from Portuguese).

XIX century has passed for Guyana capital under the signcolonial wars. The country belonged to the Netherlands, and the UK. That visit to Albion changed the name to George ( "George Town"), a gift from his British King George III. Besides the fact that they changed the name of the capital, Britons made a lot of good in terms of urban infrastructure development, improvement of roads, improvement. Another important point - the city's population increased not due to freed slaves and hired workers from Europe, Asia (mainly India) and Africa.

The cultural map of the city

The impact on the development of British Georgetownthere is still - many sights of the capital associated with the great European power. The most interesting cultural monuments of the past in the English capital of Guyana are:

  • The cathedral, consecrated in honor of St. George (feature - it is wooden and the largest in the world);
  • Catholic Cathedral, which celebrated its centenary;
  • City Hall, an architectural monument.

Many historical artifacts presented inGuyana museum exhibits, telling about the history, since the colonial era. Get introduced to the unique nature of this country, visit Kaieteur National Geography Park, located in the neighborhood of Georgetown. And in the capital, to the services of tourists - a botanical garden.


  • Georgetown - the capital of Guyana
  • Georgetown - the capital of Guyana
  • Georgetown - the capital of Guyana

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