Cameroon Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Cameroon?

Yaoundé - capital of Cameroon

Yaoundé - capital of Cameroon

Yaounde, Cameroon's capital, the city is quite young. He appeared at a time when the country was under the protectorate of Germany. Year of the capital - 1888 (according to other sources - 1889).

Small African state (and itscapital) had to go through a difficult path to independence: at the end of the XIX century - the German protectorate, then the occupation of the Belgian troops, since 1922 Yaoundé - capital of French Cameroon, finally, since 1960 - is the main city of an independent state.

Yaounde Attractions

It is clear that in the city there are littlearchitectural masterpieces, but it surprises with its layout. In Cameroon's capital, there is one central street named after the great American President John F. Kennedy. Along it and arranged almost all residential areas. Urban sprawl continues in the picturesque hills located around the city.

The most interesting tourist places in the city:

  • Church Ndzhong Melen, surprises with its architecture;
  • Benedictine monastery, situated in the center of the capital;
  • museums and craft centers.

Many guests Yaounde hurry to get on a tour of theCameroon Art Museum, which is located near the Benedictine monastery. Interestingly, the museum demonstrates the ancient art creations of local artists and their "colleagues" from Europe. But most importantly, attract the attention of traditional African ritual mask.

The special aura is present in the Museum of BlackArt. And in the center of crafts, first of all, you can get acquainted with the traditional territories of these crafts, and secondly, to make a stock of exotic souvenirs for relatives left at home. Here you can see the local wizards that trade magical herbs and drugs, as well as ritual objects. This is where you can feel the full force of the ancient flavor of Cameroon.

Natural monuments

One of those iconic places for the capitalresidents and guests of Yaounde is considered Mount Cameroon - active volcano, frightening the people from time to time another eruption. On the way to the heights it can be seen as a natural follow one another zone, lush vegetation of tropical forest flows into the emerald alpine meadows, and the top is covered with snow. It offers tourists a special viewing platform.


  • Yaoundé - capital of Cameroon
  • Yaoundé - capital of Cameroon
  • Yaoundé - capital of Cameroon

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