The capital of Togo map, photo. What is the capital of Togo?

Lome - Togo capital

Lome - Togo capital

Lome - Togo capital - is a keyadministrative and industrial center of the state, and also serves as the country's main port. Urban areas are located on the Slave Coast of Gulf of Guinea, from the time of the infamous trade in live black product.

Historical facts

The exact date of its foundation is unknown, scientistsconverge on the idea that the first on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea in the XVIII century the representatives of the people Ewe. It was they who founded a small settlement, later received the name of Bay Beach. The development of the town contributed to the two brothers (in history were their names - and Octavian Chick Olympia), who founded a trading firm, turning a small village in the ever-increasing in size commercial center.

Not without the participation of the German colonialists. Lome has received the status of the colony center. Beginning of the twentieth century was characterized by the rapid development of the industry, the emergence of the first pier and railway. The official status of the capital city received in 1960 with the acquisition of the state independence.

Cultural attractions

Although a major Lomeindustrial and commercial center, tourists know that you can find colonial architecture, and artifacts related to the first settlers in the territories, and natural attractions. Special attention should walk in the big markets - the main place of purchase African souvenirs and gifts native.

List of major cultural and historical sites worth seeing tourist, as follows:

  • Cathedral of Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Gothic Revival style;
  • Governor's Palace;
  • National Museum dedicated to the history and culture of Togo;
  • International Museum showing artifacts from different countries in the Gulf of Guinea.

It is understood that each of the tourists is their excursion program, based on their own interests.

The market of black magic

Particular attention is the market on whichThey sell all kinds of accessories necessary to perform the rituals of black magic. This colorful market is the largest in the world, attracting a variety of healers, sorcerers and healers, as well as practitioners of voodoo. Among the products - dried carcasses of African animals and birds, skeletons and skulls. The second category of visitors of this market - the curious tourists, who also did not leave without buying, talismans, amulets and figurines symbol.


  • Lome - Togo capital
  • Lome - Togo capital
  • Lome - Togo capital

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