Chad Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Chad?

N'Djamena - Chad's capital

N'Djamena - Chad's capital

Many major cities of the Africanappeared on the world map only because of the colonizers from Europe. For example, Ndjamena, capital of Chad, founded by French colonists, and it happened in 1900.

The first name, Fort Lamy, the settlement received inafter one of the French generals. Four years later, the fort became a part of the colony of the same French Ubangi-Shari, and came under the jurisdiction of French Equatorial Africa even after six years. For more than fifty years, it has the status of N'Djamena in Chad's capital.


If you look at a map of Africastate, you will notice that it is in the east of the capital. The area chosen for the main city of Chad, it is not easy - the city is located in a swampy area on the banks of the Chari River.

It should be noted that the climatic conditions incapital is not too favorable for European tourists. First, the sub-equatorial climate that is hot and humid, and secondly, is the monsoon character. From late May to mid-October wet season continues, the rest of the rain is not seen.

The main architectural feature

In the historic center of the capital of Chad preservedcolonial buildings, for the indigenous people of the city are grateful to the first settlers, the French, who, although they came with predatory aims, but for their own comfort is not forgotten, were constructed very seriously. The city preserved not only houses built in the French style, but many names of streets and squares.

On the Avenue, named after the great figureFrance, Charles de Gaulle is the main architectural masterpiece Chadian capital. This is the Grand Mosque, while the city peacefully coexist representatives of different faiths: Christians, Muslims, and fans of local religions and beliefs. Building Large (both literally and figuratively) of the mosque is quite impressive, it has two towers. On them you can immediately find out this religious building.

Large market

The coloring of N'Djamena to the full can feelOnly on the market for that tourists go to Grand Marche, considered one of the largest in the country. The shopping list of an experienced traveler who is not the first time visited Chad, can be found: African souvenirs; antiques; products from local farmers.

And most importantly - do not most merchantsilliterate, but the rules of marketing to them familiar. Original price is overstated, but if the client begins to bargain, the final cost may fall several times.


  • N'Djamena - Chad's capital
  • N'Djamena - Chad's capital
  • N'Djamena - Chad's capital

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