The capital of Djibouti card photo. What is the capital of Djibouti?

The capital of Djibouti

The capital of Djibouti

Residents of many countries completelyunoriginal, because they give the main town of the same name as the whole country. And then all the time necessary to clarify what is meant, for example, the capital city of Djibouti and the country with the same name.

Metropolitan status of the city received in 1977,Naturally, together with independence. The population of Djibouti is now nearing half a million and continues to grow in his eyes. And the first inhabitants came here in 1888 from faraway France, quickly making a small village administrative center of the colony.

It's hot as the desert

Unfortunately, the climate and weather conditionsDjibouti does not have an active pastime, and familiarity with the capital's sights. It should be very careful in choosing travel times because the terrain is characterized by hot, desert, tropical climate. In winter it is moderately hot, sometimes precipitation. In summer, you can safely prepare for temperature records. More recently, there have already recorded a + 54C °, and the average July temperature is + 36C °.

The most picturesque place

In order to feel the spirit of the old town, you need togo to one of its many markets, it is best to center, which is called - le Marche Centrale. French name goes back to colonial times, it is here that there was an active trade in a hundred years ago and continues today.

In the market you can buy souvenirs, products,made by local artisans, as well as agricultural products. Tourists who falls for the first time on the African market, it is difficult to deal with exotic goods and promises of vendors.

Aquarium - the main attraction

Another place attractive to touristsDjibouti - Tropical Aquarium, the more he is located in the old part of the city, as interesting to explore. Aquarium itself is made in such a way that getting inside, man, as it is in a particular marine ecosystem. Giant ocean surround the visitor from all sides, making it possible to enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the marvelous marine life and landscapes. Aquarium takes several huge halls, so hiking here can take at least half a day.

Another interesting point - run institutionIt begins as early as 4:00 am, so the "most early birds" can get acquainted with tropical fish, shells, corals and plants, without waiting for the crowds.


  • The capital of Djibouti
  • The capital of Djibouti

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