The capital of El Salvador: map, photo. What is the capital of El Salvador?

San Salvador - El Salvador's capital

San Salvador - El Salvador's capital

The surprising fact, but on this planet, thereseveral cities with the same name - San Salvador. And two of them are well known to fans of high-quality summer vacation, these settlements are located in the Bahamas, and the Costa Dorada in Spain. Another San Salvador, El Salvador, the capital, is lagging behind their famous namesakes on the number of guests.

Good geography

Familiarity with El Salvador cards points to a veryconvenient geographical location of the main cities of the country. Firstly, urban neighborhoods are in the picturesque valley of the river Amakas. Secondly, located near the volcano, which has the same name as the capital of this natural object - the original card, a place of pilgrimage for fans of eco-tourism from around the world.

Deep history

It is believed that the San Salvador-based Spanishcolonizers in April 1525, and before him in this place housed the capital, Cuscatlan - main Indian Center. Surpassing the natives, the Spanish founded their settlement, giving the city a symbolic name, which translates simply - "Holy Saviour".

The capital status of San Salvador acquired in 1821year, when the government of El Salvador has received a long-awaited independence. The twentieth century was marked by rapid population growth, over a hundred years the number of residents has increased a hundred times. And this despite the fact that the seismological situation is not very good, about every fifty years, major earthquakes occur, causing irreparable damage to the architectural appearance of the city.

Offer friendship

A city with a history and numerousmonuments of history and culture, unfortunately, can not boast a large number of foreign visitors. There is enough high levels of crime, in connection with which the tourists bypass the capital San Salvador with their attention.

While on the other hand, the authorities are doing verymuch to establish friendly relations with many countries and cities of the planet. What other capital of the world can compare with the San Salvador by the number of sister cities (16), including Caracas (Venezuela), Tel Aviv (Israel), Bogota (Colombia), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).


Guests arriving in the capital of El Salvador, they know that they would like to examine in the first place. The main tourist point on the map associated with the following cultural and historical sites:

  • the majestic Cathedral;
  • the building of the National Theatre;
  • monument of the Saviour, in whose honor the name of the city;
  • Monument of the Revolution.

But the main impression and elegant photo awaiting tourists outside the capital - in the national parks and reserves.


  • San Salvador - El Salvador's capital
  • San Salvador - El Salvador's capital
  • San Salvador - El Salvador's capital

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