Eritrea Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Eritrea?

Asmara - Eritrea capital

Asmara - Eritrea capital

Not so long ago, in 1993, on the map Blackcontinent, on the coast of the Red Sea, a new state with the beautiful name of Eritrea. Due to the political and military situation in the region today, the Eritrean capital, and the country itself are outside the area of ​​attention of tourists, although there are many sights and attractions.

History Asmara

Initially, the city name was uttered by"A", that is, Asmara, the place-name had a very nice explanation of the "blooming forest." At the site of the city's modern buildings are four villages, whose history dates back to the XII century. This place was chosen by the traders from different countries, and a little later a settlement was granted the status of the capital Race Alula.

At the end of the XIX century in what is now Eritreacolonized by the Italians, the title of the capital left for Asmara. Guests from Europe had a significant impact on the development of infrastructure of the city changed its appearance, built many new buildings, for which the city became known as "Little Rome". Therefore walk in the modern capital of Eritrea at certain moments turns into an amazing journey through Italy, many shops and restaurants have retained the Italian title.

Cultural Center

Today the authorities are keen to develop Asmaratourist business, knowing what may be of interest to visitors. First of all, this architecture, there is a building, a heritage of Italian colonists, building on which it is possible to study the development of the art of building. The main sights are today:

  • Governor's Palace, built in the neoclassical style;
  • futuristic building "Fiat Taller";
  • Catholic cathedral, built by fans Neo-Romanesque style;
  • theater "Empire", a brilliant representative of the direction of "Art Deco".

The country's authorities a request for the list of Asmara important for the planet a UNESCO historical and cultural heritage.

the country's Treasury

This name was the National Museum Asmara,founded in 1992. Despite the relatively young age of the institution, it collected the artifacts reflecting the historical events of the past six thousand years.

The museum contains a uniquearchaeological finds, manuscripts, old household items, weapons. Most of the valuable items are on display, where you can see the unique ancient tombstones, artifacts associated with the various ethnic groups now residing in Eritrea.


  • Asmara - Eritrea capital
  • Asmara - Eritrea capital
  • Asmara - Eritrea capital

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