Uganda Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Uganda?

Kampala - Ugandan capital

Kampala - Ugandan capital

Any city in the world, which occupy a verysuccessful in terms of tourist places. For example, the capital of Uganda, which is located on the northern coast of one of the most famous and large bodies of water of the Black Continent, Lake Victoria.

Thanks to this natural attractionKampala daily receives thousands of tourists from different countries and continents. The local population is characterized by friendliness and openness. Despite the fact that the number of residents in the capital, close to one million, the city is practically no traffic jams.

The secret name

Locals insist that the name of the capitalIt stands very simple. It comes from the name of one of the most beautiful African antelopes - impala. This slender animal has a resemblance to the gazelles, although their relative is not.

Cultural map

For tourists, the capital of Uganda, most transitpoint, as their main goal - introduction to African wildlife world, its inhabitants, including the Impala, which hit very tall graceful leaps.

But in most areas there are many Kampalarecreation, such as familiarity with local, rather exotic cuisine, a visit to the bright, colorful local markets, walking around the city. Among the attractions of the capital in the tourist photo following buildings are etched more often:

  • Ugandan Parliament;
  • National Theatre;
  • Namirembe and Rubaga - Christian places of worship.

The most common target for visits and becomesKasubi Tomb, located on the homonymous hill and serves the final resting place of Buganda Kings. Part of the territory is used for agriculture (crops sown useful), and the rest - is protected by UNESCO.

Here you can see the representatives of the former palaceBuganda royal power, and later turned into a shrine. Interestingly, although the structure and is called the "palace", it is made of the most common natural materials. For the construction of wood used, reed, straw, which are secured together by clay. This building - the object is not physical, but rather the spiritual heritage of the Ugandan people, testifying to their national identity.

Safari around Kampala

The most popular entertainment of tourists and visitorsUganda - Safari - can take place in the form of a white water rafting trip on the Nile, or excursions in Bwindi or Mburo national parks. You can see the life of gorillas in their natural habitat, watch the hippos, zebras and, if possible, with the formidable predators - crocodiles. Another unique place is situated in Lake Victoria, home to chimpanzees - the main inhabitants of Ngamba reserve.


  • Kampala - Ugandan capital
  • Kampala - Ugandan capital
  • Kampala - Ugandan capital

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