The capital of Grenada: map, photo. What is the capital of Grenada?

Saint-Georges - the capital of Grenada

Saint-Georges - the capital of Grenada

Saint-Georges, a very nice and cozy capitalGrenada, settled on the green slopes of an extinct volcano and on the harbor, having a happy horseshoe shape. Despite the terrible hurricanes that regularly sweep through the territory and causing great damage, the city revived and re-attract tourists this romantic, chic stripes beaches, fabulous tropical vegetation.

Delicious holiday

In St. George's set of cute familyrestaurants offering local delicacies are also served and still very unusual. Each of the institutions of power in the capital of Grenada has a signature dish, many of them offer tables, offering beautiful sea views.

Attractions Saint-Georges

The main treasure of the country are kept in the funds ofGrenada National Museum, which is located in a building dating back to 1704. The history of the house, the first inhabitants began to hotel guests, who lived in a very decent rooms. the hotel was then reclassified into prison, the new "tenants" on their own could not leave the room allotted to them. Now here is a museum, its valuable exhibits are under heavy guard.

Visitors get acquainted with the past of the island andlife its natives. Many of the exhibits of the museum tell about the history of whaling, which is considered quite popular in these parts. From unexpected museum items - bath, owned by Josephine Bonaparte, who was born on the neighboring island of Martinique.

Architectural masterpieces of the city

Walking along St. Georges also holds manypleasant discoveries. A peculiar landmark of the city is a Roman Catholic cathedral, its construction was completed in 1818. Interestingly, the interiors are very bright colors.

Another amazing moment - chiming clock was built in 1825 by the Church of England is identical to the chime of Westminster Abbey, this kind of roll through the seas and oceans.

In the vicinity of the city has its own piece of paradise -is the famous gardens of St Georges, Bay Gardens. On the one hand, here broken ideal flower beds, on the other hand, preserved areas of wildlife, tropical forests, meadows and ponds.


  • Saint-Georges - the capital of Grenada
  • Saint-Georges - the capital of Grenada
  • Saint-Georges - the capital of Grenada

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