The capital of Guadeloupe: map, photo. What is the capital of Guadeloupe?

Basse-Terre - Guadeloupe capital

Basse-Terre - Guadeloupe capital

Probably, the capital of Guadeloupe is not quitethe correct definition as to the real independence of building an independent state this French overseas region is still very far away. From a legal standpoint, Basse-Terre - the administrative center of the so-called French Guadeloupe. Good geographical position and mild subtropical climate of the area has long attracted thousands of tourists looking for holiday paradises.

Complicated story

There is a chance to confuse the two geographical names, because there is:

  • Basseterre, the capital of the independent state of St. Kitts and Nevis, located in the Lesser Antilles.
  • Basse-Terre (hyphenated) on the island of Guadeloupe, which is in the same region.

Names and order, and other cities haveFrench roots, translation - "low place", "lowland". Sailors of the XVII century the word referred to the land, protected from the winds. But most interesting is that the Basse-Terre, on the contrary, is mountainous and located near the volcano Soufriere, which is the highest point of the Antilles, it gives a fantastic view of the area.

Not so simple

Basse-Terre has a very convenient location,appreciated that the first European settlers, who began to build a fort here even in 1643. Over the centuries, the fort has repeatedly changed its name (Uele, methyldi, Rishpans, St. Charles, Louis Delgre, Basse-Terre), but not the destination.

But long before the intruders from the Old World is inhabited by numerous Indian tribes, and the first settlement in this area already existed in 2300 BC.

The proximity of the volcano, unfavorable seismicenvironment make people's lives is not serene, but on the other hand, natural disasters, to some extent, contribute to urban renewal, revitalization construction, modernization of the economy.

Nature - the main attraction

Basse-Terre - a small, cozy town, suitable forTravelers who dream of a measured, very unhurried vacation. There are many exotic greenery, gardens and parks with small fountains, no industrial enterprises.

Since most of the occupied territories in the regionagricultural plantations, the tour of the outlying administrative center allows visitors to see the look of banana and coffee trees, cane fields. Port, as such, in the Basse-Terre is missing, but there is a deep-water lot, so accessible and marine entertainment.


  • Basse-Terre - Guadeloupe capital
  • Basse-Terre - Guadeloupe capital
  • Basse-Terre - Guadeloupe capital

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