The capital of Lesotho map, photo. What is the capital of Lesotho?

Maseru - the capital of Lesotho

Maseru - the capital of Lesotho

Maseru, Lesotho capital, and simultaneously performsthe function of the administrative district, which has the same name. In addition, it is the largest city of the African state, metropolitan status he acquired in 1966 when another country Black continent gained independence. The name of the capital is translated from the local language of Sesotho as a "place area red sandstone." Indeed, the land in the vicinity of Maseru has an unusual red-brick color.

Yesterday and today

The founder of the city is considered one of the localKings - Moshoeshoe I, a significant event occurred in the distant 1869 year. However, the independence of the then could only dream, because the area was under British protectorate. Maseru got the role of capital of the protectorate.

The population has increased significantly, when the state came to an independent road. To date, one in ten people live in the capital of Lesotho.

Maseru Attractions

Maseru, of course, can not compare with manyAfrican capital by the number of monuments of history and attractions. But here you can find unusual natural objects, interesting architecture, artifacts related to the history of these lands.

Tourists who have visited the capital of Lesotho, say,that the most beautiful photos are obtained on a mountaintop Taba Bosiu. This natural formation height of 1804 meters is a distinctive form - it is the top of the flat cut. Plateau area is 2 sq. km.

Locals say that the firstunique place discovered King Moshoeshoe, he made it a kind of refuge for himself and his people, the Basotho. During the tour, you can learn a lot of facts about the life of the first inhabitants of the mountains, to see the ancient ruins and the final resting place of residents.

In tourist brochures, you can find a description of unusual architectural structures Maseru

  • Royal Palace that resembles luxury villas;
  • Towers Quilon, having the shape of a traditional headdress Basotho people;
  • Citadel of King Moshoeshoe;
  • Center Basotho crafts.

Last external appearance resembles the traditionalhut indigenous inhabitants of the country, it is here that the national color felt most fully. In the center of crafts can be fun, buy souvenirs, though tourists say that the prices are much higher than in the city.


  • Maseru - the capital of Lesotho
  • Maseru - the capital of Lesotho
  • Maseru - the capital of Lesotho

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