Guinea Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Guinea?

Conakry - Guinea's capital

Conakry - Guinea's capital

Some localities of the planetaccounts at the same time play the role of the main city of the state and the administrative center of one of the regions. Such, for example, the capital of Guinea, Conakry, beautiful, besides it is also a major seaport, located on the Atlantic coast.

In this regard, the city is growing right before our eyes: Statistics estimate that in five years the number of its inhabitants has doubled, and today it has exceeded the mark of two million people. Another interesting fact - Conakry occupies the peninsula and the islands of Calum Tombo interconnected not bridge, and dam.

origin of name

There is, as always, several versionsthe appearance of the place name of Conakry. The most beautiful legend tells of a man named Cona, who appeared on a nearby shore (nakiri translated from language Susu means "the other side").

The first residents have chosen not to the mainland, andTombo Island, where they were protected from the encroachments of foreign enemies. Later, the bravest were forwarded to the "mainland" and settled the territory. And that those wishing to capture this missing piece of land, says at least the fact that the role of the colonizers of these lands were the British, and the French. As the number of Aboriginal people at that time barely reached five hundred people, a decisive rebuff to the invaders was nobody.

While on the other hand, say that it isthanks to the French city appeared previously there were only small fishing villages. With the 1890s. the city has been entrusted with the role of the colony center Guinea. The capital of the Republic of Guinea Conakry free began in 1958. In 1970, the city was in the hands of the Portuguese, however, "occupation" lasted a record time - just a day.

Modern architecture and sights

To date, Conakry can surprisetourists ancient architectural masterpieces, as an active construction began only in the late XIX century. For themselves the capital's residents are proud of the building, which house today:

  • Polytechnical Institute;
  • National Museum;
  • Science Center;
  • Hotel "kamaiya".

But they do not represent a large touristinterest, unless the National Stadium, and even then - only for visitors from Russia, since erected a grand sports facility of our compatriots.


  • Conakry - Guinea's capital
  • Conakry - Guinea's capital
  • Conakry - Guinea's capital

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