The capital of Liberia: map, photo. What is the capital of Liberia?

Monrovia - capital of Liberia

Monrovia - capital of Liberia

If the main city of the state is located on thethe seafront and is a major port city, it certainly adds points him in the eyes of potential tourists, as a list of suggestions for guests is much wider. The capital of Liberia, Monrovia beautiful, knows this firsthand.

Most of the neighborhoods are inBay of Saint Paul River, the bay created by the hard working local people. On the other hand, Monrovia fairly large port city on the Atlantic coast with a population of over one million mark.

Greetings from Portugal

The history of Liberia, the capital has more than onecentury: historians say that in the middle of the XVI century there lived people. No one knows what the name given to the city residents, the Portuguese sailors called it - Mezuradu port.

Beginning of the XIX century it is characterized by the releaseBlacks from centuries of slavery. Many of them never returned to their homes, and settled the territories in which they were planted. So, on the Liberian lands appeared negros, which were already considered by US persons. The former slaves had hard times, because the natives do not want to share the territory with the new arrivals. Therefore, part of black Americans moved to Mezuradu port, where they established a settlement Cristópolis.

Already in 1824 the city received a new name -Monrovia, it was a tribute to the American president James Monroe, and whose policy was to return the blacks to their homeland. This is the second time in history, when the city received the name of the president of the United States (the first - Washington).

Cultural attractions Monrovia

The capital of Liberia for tourists - the city with the lowestattractive, since a long time here was the unstable political situation. On the other hand, and in the capital can find its unique cultural gems, such as architectural:

  • Temple Masons;
  • The sports complex named after Samuel Doe Canyon;
  • National Museum of the Republic of Liberia.

The highlight of this African city, has a metropolitan status, - the presence of a great golf course with fields of different difficulty levels that attract athletes from around the world.

But the most vivid impressions and beautiful picturesreserves journey into the world of wildlife. Sightseeing and hiking trails can include waterfalls with an interesting name - kPa-Tave, a trip to the picturesque Lake Piso, visit rubber plantations.


  • Monrovia - capital of Liberia
  • Monrovia - capital of Liberia
  • Monrovia - capital of Liberia

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